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Microseism with epicenter in CDMX surprises the inhabitants of La Magdalena Contreras

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El Sismológico Nacional god to know a microseism to the north of the alcaldía Magdalena Contreras, in the city of Mexico. On intensity fue de 2.0 and the internet users, across the street social redesthey were forced to share their experience, to think about how the alerts didn’t sound.

Immediately there is a tendency for it microseism in the social circles. Users ensure they have heard a lever sacudida in areas such as Mixcoac, Plateros and looking for the Preparatory 8 of the UNAM. Some people indicate that even some habitual units may hear a “jalon horrible”.

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The social groups gained experience in the telephone movement. Credit: Twitter

The Secretary of Integral Management of Risks and Civil Protection informed through its official social networks that the communication with las necessary unitsthose who have reported that there is no eventuality that requires their attention emergency services. This was confirmed by the CDMX Government Executive.

Microseism with epicenter in CDMX concerns the population, heard a “jalón” during the late

The delegation from which the epicenter was detected consists of 53 coloniesand a population of more than 243 million inhabitants, compiled with the most recent data from the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI). This demarcation is the 4.2% total of the Mexican capital.

El Sismológico Nacional advised him in social circles. Credit: Twitter

The same institute agrees that the demarcation runs to the north with the delegation Álvaro Obregón; today with the delegations Álvaro Obregón and Tlalpan; al sur with the delegation Tlalpan; to the west with el State of Mexico and delegation Álvaro Obregónareas that may have felt this microseism.

Could a microseism be dangerous for the population? This is what happens in Mexico City

The UNAM Global magazine got to know in an interview with Víctor Manuel Cruz, head of the Seismology Department of the Institute of Geophysics of the UNAM, that microseisms are not so common, although they have existed for more than 10 years, due to the fact that in the elders of the Valle de Mexico if they have encountered different ones geological faults en la Faja Transvolcánica transmexicana.

Don’t ring the alert on CDMX. Credit: Cuartoscuro

The previous one means the line that trazan volcanoes as different as they are Popocatépetlel Iztlaccíhuatlas well as el Nevado de Toluca. As a matter of fact, under these there was a leak of approximately 200 meters by 200 meters in a tenth of a second. We recorded that a microearthquake was caused by a small rupture in the interior of the earth, located at the surface of the earth, approximately 4 kilometers deep.

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Seismic alert is not activated when the epicenter is in Mexico City, what is the reason?

The Secretariat of Integral Management of Risks and Civil Protection, as well as the Center for Command, Control, Management, Communications and Citizen Contact (C5) recorded that they are different scenarios en los que las alarmas no sound inside the room City of Mexicoone of them is the epicenter here.

Please note that they only need to sound when the epicenter is very small in the Mexican capital and is not detected, when it exceeds the coverage zone of the Mexican Seismic Alert System (SASMEX), and when the energy of the earthquakes does not exceed the defined levels of the the authorities.

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