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Microseism is registered every day in the Magdalena Contreras mountain

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Late this morning, December 20th, a micro-earthquake was recorded in the mountain Magdalena Contreras en la City of Mexico (CDMX). De acuerdo con el National Seismology the movement occurred at 6.14pm and had a magnitude of 1.3. However, it was only struck in the area of ​​the epicentre.

It should be mentioned that although at first the authorities informed that the microseism had a magnitude of 1.6, they later clarified that it was 1.3. Wait for the moment and follow the first reports given to know, no injuries will be recorded due to the event.

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If a microseism was recorded in the CDMX, it was magnitude 1.1 in Magdalena Contreras

A microseism was recorded on the CDMX on December 16th

What is a microseism and why does it happen?

Based on information published by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (AN M) los microseism I refer to the small earth ruptures that are found on its surface and are common in the Valle de Mexico area.

Raúl Valenzuela Wonginvestigator of the Instituto de Geofísica de la maxima casa de estudios, explained in the interview for the diary El Paísthat the movements that have been felt in the last few weeks are due to the flaws that exist below the CDMXwhich are the product of the interaction between the lake and the volcanic soil.

December: the month with the most earthquakes

Contrary to what one might think, September is not the month of the year with the highest register of earthquake in Mexico. De acuerdo con especialistas de la AN MThis place occupies him no more and no less than December. Yes, the mere era of celebrations, exchanges and obsequios.

And this is what specialists from the university follow in reviewing the seismic catalog — who have analyzed them temblores recorded since 1990—the last month of the year is the most earthquakes of magnitude 6 or higher reported throughout history in our country.

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