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Mexican YouTuber pays the people’s dues de Coppel for 29 million pesos

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Yulay he is a Mexican YouTuber who dedicates himself to documenting the side of the road República Mexicanahe can travel around the territory helping people who most need it, generally with help from money, donations in particular, trabajoamong other things that validated the public’s applause.

On this occasion it was to look for people who could find deudas in the department store Coppelwhere you can buy items like this clothes, toys, shoes, cell phones, computers, mueblesamong other things, and even obtain let’s work effectively with interests at the time of its devolution. At the moment in which no pagan, the deuda increases.

Credit: YouTube / Yulay

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En total, Yulay He helped three people, but they are the only ones who were seen in the video that he published on his official channel on YouTube. The first was a woman who wanted a loan approximately 7 million pesos what I needed to be able to buy despensa para su familia.

The second one was a lady, but I didn’t help her pay for her dues. Coppel, you can’t wait. She is a worker from the same department who ensured that she has other types of things to do, mainly passes y la colegiatura Hi, who is studying the gastronomy career. Yulay I helped them with one thousand pesos.

Credit: Instagram / Yulay

The last one to travel with Yulay on the fireplace there was a gentleman who supremely gasted a man let’s lend de 15 million pesos in the gastos of your house after you expose it murió; without embargo, half a year ago he had to pay his abonos, and the debt had increased even more than 29 million pesos.

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“If I want to liquidate them, but I want them to have a few cents of money to support their family, to ask for help. I’m counting on the amount that I got 29 million pesos. A round of applause to the jefe. See it as a new opportunity”, I said Yulay to the señor in front of the room, where the total amount was settled.

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