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Members of a recognized musical group are victims of the massacre in Salvatierra, Guanajuato

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At least 12 people were asked during a Christmas holiday celebrated in the municipality of Salvatierraen Guanajuato. Read with official information, here victims mortals were young people between 20 and 25 years of age who met together in the former Hacienda San José del Carmen. Now, if you ignore the motive of the crime, as well as the identity and the parade of the attackers, those who are apparently linked to a criminal group.

In social circles, family members and friends have identified the people who lost their lives as a result of the attack, as well as other lodge attendants who were killed during the dance. In this feeling, I transcended that within the victims they would encounter the members of a famous musical groupwho was amusing the event, when the armed soldiers rushed into the place and took fire against the guests.

At least 12 people will be on the table. Photo: cuartoscuro.

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Thalía and 11 younger children lived in a lodge in Salvatierra, Guanajuato, she was a former queen of beauty

This is the photograph that the assistants returned to the Salvatierra lodge before they were abandoned

Who are the members of the musical group who are among the victims?

It was through its social ranks that the musical group Dinastía Cornejo announced that the members of the grouping They were making their way to the lodge, when their weapons entered the former Hacienda San José del Carmen and attacked everyone present. Apparently, the violent men have died like this victim to a member of the group, so that the support of their fans is known, to help them donate blood to a local hospital Guanajuato.

“Friends, on this occasion we direct you to ask for help from your apoyo. We need blood donors of any kind. (In the general hospital of Salvatierra)”, they were shared in the publication by the group in its social networks. Now, the post has been shared for more than 30 times and has accumulated 39 comments, which some internet users have endorsed on behalf of the musicians. Until this month December 18th, if you don’t know who will be the elements of the group who were victims of this attack.

The group solicits its followers in social circles. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Who are the victims of the massacre in Salvatierra?

From local media, the deadly victims of the massacre en Salvatierra there are 10 men and two women, among whom a queen of beauty stands out: Macarena Becerril, Thalía Cornejo, David Hernández, Galileo Almanza, Irving Ruiz, Héctor Almaraz, Emiliano Vargas, Antonio Sánchez, Marco López and Alberto Ramírez.

Among the violent hechos, the governor of the state, Diego Sinhue Rodriguez, public in social circles that you have given the instruction so that the Fiscal Agency investigates and those responsible for the crime have caught on as quickly as possible: “I have sent instructions to the security authorities to coordinate with the Fiscal Agency in with the parade of the responsible persons of the this is regrettable hecho. My condolences to the families. Salvatierra is not alone”, wrote the state representative in his official words.

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