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Meet and ask a woman in the street of San Nicolás de los Garza, New Leon

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A security camera in New Leonliving in Northern Mexico, he captured the moment when a woman was the victim of delinquency, and in the middle of the street, in the light of day, among many people who acted as witnesses, it is asesinada to sangre fría for two people to come to the authorities.

After reading the preliminary reports, the others have happened there Mezquital Valley colony, at the crossroads of Avenida Las Torres and Calle Estibin. The victim was identified by her family members as Dulce Deyanira, he was 31 years old at the time when the criminals gave up his life in full light of the day.

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I was sweetly welcomed in the full light of the day. Credit: Twitter

In the video you can see that two suits on motorbikes, both dressed in the same way, with black sweatshirt, jeans and gorras to hide your identities, if they look for the victim and they point them with a weapon while telling them things that the security camera cannot catch, they can’t tell with sound.

Dulce had lunch at the table of the odd men

They passed a little while before the woman he would receive an odd one while the jalaban of the hair and the rope. Both sujetos they carry weapons, and it is unknown who was the one who disappeared. Both of them immediately went to the motorbike to sit down, you can a woman more than you would have been able to escape.

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Authorities informed that Dulce received at least a couple of oddsbut in the same place They meet up to 5 percussion pins who have been disparate for the scoundrels. Wait for the moment if you do not know the identity of the itemsquienes huyeron con rumbo a la termieléctrica.

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