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Meerut: Misbehavior with South Korean girl students in the university, slogans of Jai Shri Ram

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Chaudhary Charan Singh University.

3 South Korean girl students learning Hindi in Delhi have faced harassment and trolling at Chaudhary Charan Singh University in Meerut. Seeing foreign girl students, students associated with Hinduist organizations accused them of propagating propaganda for conversion. University students asked him for information about Jesus Christ under a trap. When the girl students told about Jesus Christ, the accused students made a video and accused the foreign girl students of campaigning for conversion. After catching the matter, the police have registered the case.

On January 21, three foreign friends of Meerut’s Khushi living in Delhi had come to meet her. All three of them reached Chaudhary Charan Singh University of Meerut from Khushi’s house. These girls from South Korea wanted to see the university campus. That’s why he had no problem in talking to local students. Seeing the three girl students in the university, the local students started talking to them. One of them foreign girl reached the canteen. The girls were stopped by the students belonging to the Hinduist organization.

Bullying in college

The conversation about the information of religion started from both the sides. Local students asked him to tell about Jesus Christ. When one of the foreign students was telling about Jesus Christ, the local students made her video. This video viral on social media is of one minute 31 seconds. In this video, the faces of the local students are visible in the listening posture. After this the students started misbehaving with the foreign girl students.

Another video is of 32 seconds. In this, foreign girl students are seen getting down from where they were standing. A local student is asking him- “Has anyone else come with him. After this he says what is your purpose? God is only Ram and there is no other God. It is Christian missionaries who want to come here .” After this, in the video, some students roaming around foreign girls cover their faces and start hooting them. Slogans of Jai Shri Ram are raised. During this, the faces of foreign girls are seen full of despair and fear. She is seen trying to escape from among the students.

In a third video, some boys are seen coming very close to foreign girls by covering their faces with cloth. They are making noise and raising slogans of Jai Shri Ram. In this video, students are also seen making videos of them with mobile cameras. Apart from this, another video is also viral on social media, in which a loud conversation is taking place. This video was shot by the students belonging to the Hinduist organization with their mobile phones and then the videos were posted on social media.

A police officer who reached the spot said that he was informed that foreign girl students were promoting Christianity in the campus. The police reached the spot and secured them and then took them to the police station and interrogated them. The students were making ruckus. Investigation found that the foreign girls are residents of South Korea and have come to India on tourist visa. After taking information about her, the police found that she had only come to see the campus of the university. He has been sent back to Delhi safely.

Police registered the case

After the video went viral on social media on Sunday, the police initially kept giving various explanations. Later, when the Union Home Ministry informed the Meerut police in this regard, the officers became serious about the matter. On the basis of the video, the officers of the local intelligence department reached the university campus for information about the accused and conducted an investigation. The IB team attached to the central government also reached the university campus. Late night, the Medical Police Station has registered a case of indecency with foreign girl students against unknown students.

The investigating officer, who reached the college campus, told that the three foreign students have visited campuses of many universities not only in Meerut, but also in Rajasthan, Jammu-Kashmir and Delhi. She is learning Hindi in Delhi. He has learned Hindi from the Indians living in his country. A large number of Indians live in South Korea and their behavior is like a family. The names of the foreign girls who had come to Meerut are Lee Zwang, Kim Nyong and Kim Yong. The girl students also told the officer that she is returning to her country on Monday, 23 January.

The search for the accused continues

Meerut City Superintendent of Police Piyush Kumar Singh has told that the accused have not been identified yet. They are being identified on the basis of the video. No case of propagation of Christianity has been found. Some boys had allegedly made allegations against foreign girls by making videos under conspiracy. A case has been registered under section 153-A of the Indian Penal Code. After the identification of the accused, action will be taken to send them to jail.

Registrar of CCS University, Dhirendra Kumar Singh has denied any knowledge of this incident. He said that if the Proctorial Board gives any information, then on that basis the university administration will take a decision on the accused. Police is taking action in this matter.

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