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Mayan Train: when will it restart its operations and what will be the prices of the boletos of the Cancún-Palenque train

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El Tren Maya will restart operations this is black 1 of 2024 with adjustments in the price of the boletos and other improvements such as the installation of curtains, the Internet service and food.

Óscar David Lozano Águila, general director of Tren Maya, SA de CV, detailed that within four days of the inauguration of the Cancún to Palenque train it will be possible to continue with the service in 860 kilometers with two daily corridors. When asked on the train, he detailed that the fares are first class, local tourist, national tourist and international tourist.

The prices are in four distinct categories. Photo: Presidencia

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What are the prices of the boletos on the Cancún-Palenque route?

“A person local who wanted to move from Palenque until Cancún goes to pay mil 199 pesos“It’s a price that’s comfortable enough to travel 860 kilometers which today cannot be achieved because there isn’t a single direct route coming from Palenque until now,” said Lozano Aguila.

I agreed for them national tourists there will be a cost of 2 mil 123 pesosIt is said, a person who does not hold a voter credential from the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán, Quintana Roo, will tend to pay this fee, like a tourist international will pay the rededor of 2 million 823.

General Lozano Aguila says that he also has a payment for 22 stations and will have a special price for adult mayoresstudents and people with reduced mobility.

The journey from Cancún to Palenque is 12 hours. Boletos can be purchased online and in the box. The director general of Tren Maya detailed that curtains should be installed on the train, which was not planned by the manufacturing company and that in some cases “the sun is the supporter and it is necessary to place some type of curtain, so that is considering them on the train train design”.

In response to the criticisms regarding the food service, he indicated that he was terminating the contract with the company.

“At this moment what we are doing in the transition period is to provide this service with our staff, the staff is the staff of the Mayan train and we want to be ready for the new company that was the second offered. “What happened to you isn’t there,” he said.

Regarding the flaws in the internet signal, he indicated that it is a topic that is being discussed with the Alstom company, those responsible for providing the service.

“We have made a series of adaptations and we have an agreement with Telmex to guarantee that we can have a comfortable Internet for 221 passengers. And if there are no errors, we can implement it with security”, he specified.

How will you pass with the affected people through the suspension of the services?

Explain that to the 103 people who resulted affected by the way of the Mayan Train, you will have it reembolso and if you will give her a boleto as a courtesy. He detailed that in this case 170 people travel on the train, the maximum speed will be 120 kilometers per hour and there are 3,200 officers of the National Guard dedicated solely to the safety of the railway infrastructure of the Mayan train.

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