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Mauricio Sulaimán, a decade of passion at the head of the WBC

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Mauricio Sulaiman enjoys being the one too much head of the WBC. It comes in your blood. 10 years after taking the helm of the organization, the focus remains on making a change for the sport.

“I am still that child who admires the boxer, but now with responsibility and attention to the things that cannot be stopped doing,” he said. “I dream a lot and I like to bring out new things, things that attract attention,” he added.

He did not envision himself as president of the WBC, and it was not until circumstances forced him that he had to step forward. After the death of Don José, in 2014, all eyes fell on him.

“I got into boxing to be with my dad. What’s more, he didn’t want to, because the position is not easy; “There are many sacrifices,” he recalled.

However, time has shown him that he made the right decision, since the commitment he feels for the family legacy is very great; That is why she has based her work on fostering growth, and maintaining unity.

Sulaimán has worked to keep the organization strong, while promoting approaches with promoters, platforms and television stations to propose a common goal that will bring them benefits.

Until now, after multiple changes, Mauricio considers that his most important achievement is Clean Boxing, an anti-drug program that started in 2016, and despite the complications and cost, it has been maintained for the integrity and protection of the boxer, by guaranteeing safe sport.

This year there are WBC elections and, although no limit was imposed, Sulaiman Saldivar He announced that regardless of the results of the vote, he—in one way or another—will remain linked to the organization, since it is “a way of living, that shares what my family is.”

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