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Matan the sweet seller while he was asleep in the Roma colony

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A seller de sweets approximately 25 years de edad fue asesinado while slept in this place located on calle Durango de la Rome colony in the Cuauhtémoc alcaldía. Officers from the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) went to the place where they confirmed that the victim did not count with vital signs.

The attack against the sweet seller took place between the streets of Durango and Cozumel, where old people reported that they fired shots. The uniformed people who waited for the 911 call found the vendor pulling on the floor.

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According to the alert issued by the operators of the Command and Control Center (C2) Center, the policy of the City of Mexico, the policy that the victim would be hit by a bullet on the sword, according to the information sheet of the SSC:

“The uniformed officers observed a man above the asphalt belt, with a clear hematic defect in the shoulder at the height of the unprotected man, so that they immediately channeled the emergency and care services with the police implementation protocols regarding the area” .

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