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Matan por error tres rehenes en poder de Hamas

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Soldiers of Israel died by mistake three times rehenes in Gaza City, while an Israeli attack took place on one Palestinian journalist in the south of the besieged territory, the ferocity of the attack submerges. The deaths were announced during a state envoy attempting to persuade Israel to reduce the intensity of its military campaign in the short square.

The fences were walled in the area Shijaiyah en Gaza City, where the Israeli troops have endured harsh confrontations with Hamás fighters in the last few days. The soldiers mistakenly believed that the three Israelis were a disaster and they disbanded, informed the army spokesman, the opposing Daniel Hagari.

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I think the three of them have huido of their captors or those who were abandoned, the voice indicated.

“Quizzes on the last days, or during the last day, we still don’t know all the details, we’ll go to this area,” I said Hagari. He signaled that the army expressed deep concern and was investigating.

Hamas and other combatants seized more than 240 people in the attack of 7 October which ended the war, and the difficult situation of the rehenes dominated it public discourse in Israel from the beginning. Their families have led a powerful public campaign to ask the government that is most needed to bring them home.

Every day there are demonstrations of solidarity with the children and their families. As we came by at night, hundreds of people blocked the main road Tel Aviv in a spontaneous demonstration to ask for the return of the kidneys.

Many people demonstrated their support for the liberation of the kidneys. Photo: AFP

Israeli political and military leaders usually decide that liberating all the lands is their main objective in the war, as well as destroying Hamas.

Thus, in the last six weeks they have crossed over from where the terrestrial tropes advanced towards the north of Gazathey did not rescue anyone, although they freed one at the beginning of the conflict and encountered the hearts of others. Hamas he freed more than 100 in exchange for the ex-incarceration of Palestinian prisoners last month, and it is believed that someone holds bail of more than 130.

The three kings who died at the hands of Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Israeli communities seeking them on the border with Gaza and were identified as Yotam Haim28 years old, Samer Al-Talalkaof 25, y Alon Shamrizof 26.

The first Israeli minister, Benjamin Netanyahuhe labeled their deaths as an unbearable tragedy and promised to continue with a supreme effort to deliver all the lives back home safe and sound.

Reporting death of journalist

In the south of Gaza, the television channel Al Jazeera he informed that an Israeli ataque had killed the camarographer Samer Abu Daqqa in the city of Jan Yunis, and his principal correspondent in Gaza, Wael Dahdouhit turned out hurt.

The two were reporting to a school that had been bombed when it was white for a following ataque with drone, I dijo the cadena. Jan Yunis was the main objective of Israel’s land offensive in southern Palestinian territory.

Talking from a hospital room, Dahdouh I told the cadena that I had to walk to an ambulance, but Abu Daqqa pulled me into despair at school and died now afterward. An ambulance tried to take him to the school to evacuate him, but he needed to get back because the fireplaces were blocked by the escapees from the destroyed houses, he was informed.

A journalist died at a school in Gaza. Photo: AFP

Dahdouh, a veteran living in the wars between Israel and Gaza, who was exposed and killed by an Israeli attack prior to the war, resulted herido by metal on the back arm.

Next el Committee for the Protection of JournalistsAbu Daqqa is the journalist number 64 who has been missing since the conflict erupted: 57 Palestinians, four Israelis and three Lebanese.

The Palestinian ambassador before the UN, Riyad MansourI said at a meeting there General Assembly about the war that Israel attacks those who could document its crimes and inform the world: the journalists.

“Let’s look at one of these journalists, Samer Abu Daqqa“I was killed in an attack on Israel with drones and abandoned so that the wall would be destroyed for six hours while the ambulances were prevented from arriving there,” said Mansour.

Arrasa Israel the Franja de Gaza

Israel’s offensive has conquered much of the north of Gaza and has expelled 80 of its hogares for 2.3 million inhabitants. The displaced have found refuge in shelters mainly in the South, in an unfolding humanitarian crisis.

Israel’s assault resulted in more than 18,000,000 Palestinians, following the Minister of Health in Gaza. Miles is no longer missing and is afraid that the escapees will be killed. The ministry does not differ between deaths of civilians and combatants. In the last review we did not specify how many were women and children, but in previous counties they always represented two thirds of the wrongdoers.

Even if I took a coup for there Israeli offensive, Hamás follows by throwing attacks. El viernes disparó cohetes desde Gaza located in the center of Israel, which caused the sirens to go off in Jerusalem for the first time every week, but did not cause injuries. The resistance of the Palestinian armed group raises doubts as to whether Israel can derail it without conquering all of the territory.

Israeli authorities signal that the war will continue. Photo: AFP

Los israelíes siguen apoyando firmemente la war and they consider it necessary to avoid the repetition of the attack of Hamas, in which one thousand 200 people were killed, in its majority civilians. A total of 116 Israeli soldiers died in the ground offensive against Gaza that began on 27 October.

The government of United States He expressed concern that Israel was unable to limit civilian victims and on its plans for the future of Gaza, but the Casa Blanca then toast her unconditionally with the military ministers and diplomatic corps.

The bombings continue in Palestine

The bombardments and cannons of Israeli tanks continued, including it Jan Yunis y Rafahwhich is one of the smallest and most densely populated areas Franja de Gaza, in which Israel ordered Palestinian civilians to be displaced. The details above many of the attacks may not be confirmed because the communications services are down throughout Gaza from the night games due to the combats.

In meetings with Israeli leaders in the years and years, the national security advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan, discussed a timetable to set up the intense fights of the war.

The Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav GallantI told Sullivan that months were needed to destroy Hamás, but I did not indicate whether his estimate referred to the actual phase of intense air attacks and terrestrial battles.

“There is no contradiction in deciding this lucha It lasts for months and it is also decided that they will go through different phases at different times during those months, including the transition from high intensity operations to more specific operations,” said Sullivan.

The bombers have established complete communities in Gaza. Photo: AFP

The official also reunited with the Palestinian president Mahmud Abás to discuss the future of Gaza post-war. A high-ranking US official said that an idea that has been percolating is to turn to the forces of Palestinian security that Hamás expelled from Gaza when he assumed power in 2007.

Any paper from them security measures Palestinians in Gaza will surely provoke strong opposition from Israel, which seeks to maintain an indefinite presence of security there. Netanyahu has said he will not allow a point of apoyo in the post-war period for the Palestinian Authority led by Abás, which administers parts of the West Bank, another Palestinian territory occupied by Israel.

United States has said that possibly I would like to see it West Bank y Gaza I support a “revitalized Palestinian Authority” as a precursor to a Palestinian state, an idea strongly supported by Netanyahu, who heads a current government that opposes a Palestinian state.

Palestinian officials have said that they will consider a post-war paper in Gaza only in the context of concrete measures responsable for United States hacia the creation of a state.

The attacks have recurred in recent days. Photo: AFP

At the meeting, Abás pidió un he succumbed to the fire immediate and increased aid to Gaza, and emphasized that Gaza is an integral part of Palestinian statefollowed by a statement from his office that had no mention of conversations about post-war scenarios.

Abás, 88 years old, is profoundly unpopular: a public statement in Mysteries indicates that in 90 cases 100% of Palestinians want to give up. In the meantime, following the story, the Palestinian apoyo a Hamas if it has tripled it West Bank and I commented on it a little Gaza. However, according to the matter, the Palestinian mayorship does not answer to Hamás.

With information from AP

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