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Matan Israeli soldiers to 100 Palestinians in Gaza during food distribution

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More than a hundred people died in Gaza in the youth, following the Islamist movement Hamás, during a food distribution operation that took place in the streets with the stamps and gunfire of the Israeli forces. A crowd of people watched the arrival of humanitarian aid convoys on Calle Al Rashid, located near a roundabout in the west of Gaza City.

Following the health services of Gaza and various witnesses, the Israeli soldiers positioned in search of the multitude to protect the convoy fired at the people who crashed into the trucks. “When the convoy [que salió del sur de Gaza] arrived in the north, thousands of people rushed down the trucks, which caused a flood in which dozens of people were injured and killed, some of them were hit by the trucks”, he described a high cargo of the Israeli army.

The armored body states that one of thirty trucks formed part of the convoy, and that several of them continued on the path before “decades” of civilians abalanzano over them. The high cargo ensured that these civilians were looking for the Israeli forces, who made “warning disasters” before “opening the fire”.

“There were limited shots (…), it was not a great success from our point of view”, added the soldier. The army informed of “decades of deaths and injuries”, emptied or killed by the multitude that “rode the trucks and sacked” the cargo. But no reports of shooting victims.

The Ministry of Health of Gaza was responsible for 104 deaths and 760 injuries in this tragedy, which was called “masacre”. More than 30,000 people, the majority of women, children and minors, died in Israeli military operations in Gaza since the start of the war on October 7, according to the same source.

“We pay this aid with our blood”: Palestinians travel to Gaza

The conflict broke out between the Hamás attack in southern Israel, where the Islamists set out to search for 1,160 people, the civilian mayor, following a recent report based on the Israelis. In addition to its air and ground operations, Israel has imposed a “complete siege” on the devastated territory since October 9, preventing the entry of food, water, medicines and fuel.

The UN has warned that 2.2 million people, the great majority of the population, are at risk of dying in the shadows, especially in the North, where destruction, combatants and soldiers make it impossible to provide humanitarian aid.

“We were on Calle Al Rashid and, suddenly, our tanques attacked. There were bags full of help. Before the disaster of food and harm, people rushed to grab them. It was chaos, there were a lot of people, but the forces of the street occupation does not stop us from shooting, there are many martyrs and victims”, he described a text to the AFP, which he preferred not to give his identity.

“I am one of the healers, I was on Al Rashid street. We are ready to receive food for our children (…). But we pay this help with our blood”, related another text. An AFP reporter saw corpses transported by a butter cart along the road bordering the Gaza coast.

According to the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), more than 2,300 trucks loaded with aid entered Gaza in February, a decrease of 50% compared to the rest. According to the UN, they are looking for 500 trucks with assistance to enter Gaza daily before the war.

With information from AFP

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