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Matan a coups a sujeto que tró to rob a tienda

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A man who wanted to attack a convenient place in TijuanaBaja California, was an unfortunate place where local employees and users reduced and suffered until they lost their lives.

These are available at the branch of the Extra branch located on the boulevard Casa Blanca, in the colony Las Misiones from the front city, where the suit entered at 8pm on November 20th.

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After walking to the employees of the building, he proceeded to realize the robo. Without embargo, in a moment, some customers of the company managed to disarm it and reduce it to all.

The indignation of one of the employees of the company led her to strike him, being one of their impacts who cost the life of the alleged criminal, who was shot in the stadium of the tienda.

Investigate the death of the alleged criminal

There they brought elements of the Policía Municipal de Tijuanapeople proceeded to question the witnesses, people found themselves shocked by the situation they encountered.

The alleged assaulter lasted between 35 and 40 years of age. Photo: X / Berenice Díaz

Until the moment, if the identity of the alleged attacker is unknown, between 35 and 40 years of age, while the implementation of the Extra store was transferred before the Ministerio Público to determine your responsibility.

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