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Mass delivery at Macy’s has died and two loved ones in Philadelphia

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A massive addition this Monday Macy’s Center City, In Philadelphia, a security officer was killed and two of the most injured people were killed. Based on information from the local media, the suspect had participated in a robo in a sombreros tienda, where the police elements had confronted him to detect his actions.

Eric Gripp, spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police, He explained that in the first detention of the vehicle’s contents, without embargo, it will take time afterward to pin down the guards, resulting in a considerable amount of damage. Due to his intent to hear again, a transit element caught him at the height of the Somerset station of the SEPTA system.

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The victims include a man, 30 years old, with a cut in the neck that caused his death in a hospital in the region and another person with wounds on the back and arm.

How the arrest unfolded

There were moments of tension in the shopping center, so the security protocols necessary to protect the integrity of users were immediately activated. It is clear to the people that extreme precautions and use are required transport mediums safe in the back.

“Simply a tragic situation. Just here, one week before the holidays, these safety officials simply are doing their work”, said the local authorities

Police reports indicate that the man, once he was subjected to the train, locked the handle so as not to be suspicious of the attack, without embargo, he was immediately arrested by the metros. Due to the movements I say transports will sufrió effects and feedbacks in its function.

Robos are increasing in the EU

The Philadelphia Police have informed that, as of this year, 250 robo informers have been registered in shops in the area, so they will be carrying out operations to protect the shops and the families who will be consuming mainly during seasonal holidays .

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