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Mariana Rodríguez revira tuit de Vicente Fox: “I don’t allow you to bother me like this, no woman”

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Vicente Fox Quesadaformer president of Mexico, published across the social reds a message in response to the above information held by Pedro Ferriz about Samuel García, aspiring to occupy the candidacy of Citizen Movement to the presidency of the country.

However, he addressed Mariana Rodríguez with some words that were not well received by the public, and from now on, even by the important businesswoman, influencers and the politician’s wife, who currently occupies the cargo of governor in the state of New Leonby the MC.

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“Pedro, what’s the story? There’s a lot to be said for this smile and this lady of company”, wrote the former Mexican politician on the red social network Twitter.

Mariana Rodríguez didn’t ask callada and I wrote a response to him social redesdirectly sharing the message that was posted Vicente Fox via its official profile:

Señor, I am not a lady of company. I am a woman, I am a graduate, I am an entrepreneur, I am a wife and I am a mother. I don’t allow you to harm me as much as I do, nor to any other woman. No accessories, no objects, nor can we ignore them, nor anything less than this vulgar form.

Credit: Twitter

And he concluded by ensuring that the former Mexican president incurrió en violence, just on the International Day of Violence against Women and Girls. “Tómelo en cuenta,” she concluded in a word mensajes which have accumulated 42 million and 11 million reactions of “Me gusta” respectively, and which have been shared on more than 5 million occasions.

Through the comments, people from all over Mexico gave her the right reason Mariana Rodriguezand some of us also advised that we would take care of it beforehand authors correspondents for starting a legal process I owe the violence I received from the former president of Mexico.

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