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Mariana Rodríguez reacts to Samuel García’s retirement: “Nadie is going to detain us”

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Mariana Rodriguez He has the key to the political career of Samuel García, he can take great control of the social elite, he seeks out the people who follow him, and he unconditional apoyo a los sueños del politic Mexicans rank her as one of the great favorites of the supporters of the Citizens’ Movement, considering not belonging to the rubro.

There was no exception in the last few days Samuel he buscaba became president of Mexico during the presidential precampaña. He was on the edge of activities, even going to hang out calcomanias in the carriages you should meet the people who have something to say to you political class of the country. She listened to them patiently, took photos, and left her arms.

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Give the Palace to Luis Enrique Orozco, interim governor of New León, who’s next on his plane?

Samuel García has obtained a license to part with his cargo, confirmed by the New León Congress

Mariana Rodríguez reacted on Instagram. Credit: Instagram

Mariana Rodríguez reacts to Samuel García’s retirement; she assures you that they will not return

Before the chaotic day when a new entrustment was appointed gubernation For the next six months, Mariana Rodríguez was watching silence, but through her Instagram until he knew what happened, he made sure that it wouldn’t happen vencidos on the fireplace to get a fresh change.

“We will follow and we will follow! the candidacy.

“Jamas, it was something else Samuel I always say, and I promise, if no one is asked to take charge of the government, have no ambition or dream that he will leave the government in the hands of the PRIAN that much damage has done to us state ya nuestro país”, she replied to another person who asked her to leave it in the hands of the one who was elected as an interim.

“Life is full of injustices, but we are going to have to keep ourselves in order to continue building a better New Leon and a better Mexico”, was one of his subsequent responses, before someone told him that it wasn’t just the one he was passing through with his candidacy presidential.

Samuel García returned to the governorship of New León. Credit: Instagram

Samuel García returns to the governorship of the state in a chaotic political day in the Congress of New León

Where he was named interim governor Luis Enrique Orozco; before the middle night of December 1, 2023, Samuel García announced through his social circles that he would be incorporated into the cargoand I would definitively abandon it application presidential with the Citizens Movement. Until now, the position of governor has not arisen in the state by any authority capable of clarifying the case.

“The present Acuerdo is a question of social and public order interests, and has the objective of giving publicity to the assessment of functions as Constitutional Governor of the State of New León, and that I consider functions as Constitutional Governor of the State, and since I believe constitutional, no effective use of the license to authorize me to participate in the electoral process 2023-2024, since I have decided not to participate in the electoral contest for President of the Republic”

Mariana Rodríguez has become popular among supporters of the MC. Credit: Instagram

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