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Marathon days, informality and low salaries: training in Puebla abre debate sobre labor conditions of private guards

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Acquired with information Date Mexico, pertaining to the Economic Secretariat, during the second quarter of 2023, the labor informality of Vigilantes and Guardias in Establecimientos increased 20%, which implied an increase of 0.63 percentage points compared to the first quarter of this year.

And it is that in the last few days, the place of the aggression that suffered an element in the Lomas de Angelópolis group, in Puebla, a debate has begun around the labor conditions of workers and workers in the private security sector. After marathon marathons, have low salaries in conjunction with low capacity.

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Security guard shot by Patricio reveals his state of health: “I have pain in my head and escape”

Who knows about the family of the young man who shot the guard and why it went viral in the red?

The National Employment and Employment Agency (ENOE) reports that federal entities with highest rate of labor informality in security guards outside Puebla (39.8%), Hidalgo (30.8%) and Chiapas (25.7%). On the other hand, the states with the least informality were Querétaro (10.2%), Chihuahua (10.2%) and Baja California Sur (10%).

Evolution of the employed population and wages
Photo: Data México

Days from 24 to 24 with workers up to 20 years old

Jonathan Nolasco, name of the security guard who he was attacked in Puebla, He reported in several statements that he was older, denying those versions that indicated that he was less working in a private corporation. In one of its vacancies in social circles, the VIMA company offers the following

  • Rounds of 12 by 12
  • Paid capacity
  • From 20 to 40 years old
  • A salary of 8 million monthly for greater performance
Vacant in the Angelópolis area
Photo: VIMA

Sin embargo, en otra de sus vacancies, pero enfocado Hacia the Huejotzingo areachange the working proposal.

  • Shifts 24 hours a day
  • Apoyo de transporte
  • Apoyo de comedor
  • From 20 to 40 years old
  • A competitive salary, / no performance specifications
VIMA vacant outside the capital
Photo: VIMA

Mexico revealed that the labor force of Vigilantes and Guardias in Establecimientos during the second quarter of 2023 was 853 million people, with average salaries for them $5 million 99 working for 56.9 hours a week.

Vacants where the requirements are simpler
Photo: GYPSE

Guardia de Puebla reveals his health status

The state of Puebla continues to reveal that the security guard, identified as Jonathan Nolasco, will break the silence and reveal the current state of health. In conversation with N+, the young Mexican signaled that he has a first degree esguince in the heart, for what all the time “I’m hurting my head.”

In the same way on November 30th we need to know that the General State Fiscalía (FGE) will turn the case over to the Judicial Power to ensure that it is dealt with in the area of ​​justice for adolescents. Local press reports indicated that the affected patient was treated at the IMSS clinic due to the effects that present in the eyes and the nose.

This is the second case in two months where students of the Anáhuac University were involved in an altercation in the Angelópolis area. Last September 9th, a group of young people physically attacked the victim Ernesto Calderón, who suffered a fractured skull. The attack occurred on the Puebla street, the Fiscalía General del Estado (FGE) is continuing to investigate.

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