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Mara Lezama accompanies AMLO on the inauguration of the Cancún-Palenque section of the Tren Maya

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Born with a regional tradition of the Mayan culture, the government Mara Lezama Espinosa accompanied the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the inauguration of the Cancún-Palenque route of the Tren Maya, thus completing a compromise.

The first trip for this route that comes to you Quintana Roo with Chiapas he went up from the international airport terminal Cancuna neural point in the ways of transformation for the fifth and fifth generation, which will bring social justice to rural communities.

This is where we join Quintana Roo with Chiapas. Photo: X/@MaraLezama

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As an example, the Mayan Tren stations in Quintana Roo will become the best escape so that the world knows the wonders that elaborate the Mayan hands, the craftsmanship that emerges from creativity – ancestral here – and the magical hands of rural women.

The regional route that brought the governor Mara Lezama was developed by Nazaria Tuk Chuc, artisan of X-Pichil, community of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. It was developed over six months with the Kul Pach Chuy technique. Piezas of this quality will be sold at the Mayan train stations.

Prior to the ascent of the Tren de la transformationGovernor Mara Lezama highlighted the importance of this great and emblematic federal work for the development of Quintana Roo, with actions and projects we alternate throughout the entire route in the Quintarroense territory, as the exhibition takes place like the one I brought today with much pride.

All of this, working hand in hand with the government of Mexico, with the best president who has led the country to ensure that the Mayan train brings social justice to Quintana Roo, as it is established in the New Insight for the Good and Desarrollo that drives the Government from the first day of its administration.

Joining President López Obrador, Governor Mara Lezama boarded the carriages of the Mayan Train to board the rededor at 6:40 in the morning. The first Campeche-Cancún route began service on December 15th, and is scheduled for February 2024 to complete the complete circuit, which includes Cancún-Chetumal-Escárcega-Palenque.


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