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MAP: The 5 restaurants you should visit before the end of 2023

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We are at the point of shipping it 2023 and if you were the people who for one or another situation could not rise from holidaysa good plan could be to enjoy a gastronomic excursion within the same capital. Let us tell you which ones are the five taquerias which you must visit there City of Mexico (CDMX) before this end of the year.

But beforehand, it is convenient to mention that I know with information about the Federal Governmentlos tacos They are one of the most traditional and popular platillos in the world República Mexicana. Of pre-Hispanic origin, he was converted to one of the simplest ways to learn how to be a national pride.

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Tacos Hola El Güero

This shop is open on Sundays. Credits: Facebook/Tacos Hola El Gu¨ero.

To get to grips with this culinary list in the city of Mexico we will get along with the Tacos Hola El Gu¨eroa traditional establishment in the capital of the country, which sells tacos de guisado since the year 1968. Located in Amsterdam 135 in the colony Hipódromoif you have converted to one of the most visited places in Chilangos and Chilangos when you want to enjoy a large platillo.

If you enjoy fresh chile tacos, chicharrón, longaniza con papa, higado and hasta moronga, you can attend to this place at a time from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night; Saturday from 9:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night and Sunday from 8:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the evening.

Taqueria El Limoncito

In this place you can find tacos, pies and wings. Credit: Google/David Peralta.

Now if you’re looking for some delicious shepherd’s tacos, steak or steak at a very low price, the El Limoncito taqueria It’s a great alternative. Located on Calle Simón Bolívar belonging to the Obrera colony, you will be able to find a great experience for you to eat. The best thing of all is that there are tacos in this establishment:

  • cakes
  • alambres
  • gringas
  • volcanoes
  • frijoles charros

Taqueria Los Cocuyos

This story was featured in a Netflix documentary. Credit: Comidistas.

Los Cocuyos is another of the most famous taquerías in the world CDMX. Indeed, it is very popular for the children who appeared in the Netflix documentary “Las Crónicas del taco“. In addition to its good flavor and low price, one of its plus points is that it is included in the Historic Center.

So that you want a delicious little sweet, three and long-lived one, you should go to calle Simón Bolívar number 56 on Mondays from 10:00 am to 5:00 am on the following day.

Tacos Chupacabras

They find themselves in the Coyoacán hothouse. Credits: Google/Mariana Gastélum.

More of the unmissable tacos in there City of Mexico before the end of 2023 there is nothing more and nothing less than the famous “Chupacabras“. Located on Avenida Churubusco in the Coyoacán hot spot, they are a great blend of flavour. Indeed, the platter for experience in the place holds the name of the restaurant and is a combination of steak, chickpea, chorizo ​​and a secret sauce.

Tacos El Vilsito

There is a great variety of tacos that come from the pastor with the chuleta and chorizo. Credits: Facebook/Tacos El Vilsito.

But if what you are looking for is a place for a special occasion, Tacos el Vilsito It could be a great option for you. With more than 30 years of experience and location on Avenida Universidad 248, in this restaurant you will find a great variety of al pastor tacos, steak, ribs, chicken, chuleta and chorizo.

Bear in mind that they also have snacks, snacks and cakes on the table as well as various drinks between them, which include fresh water and refreshments, as well as Neapolitan flan, arroz con leche, jericaya and duraznos con crema.

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