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MAP: 16 municipalities of Edomex will have water courts in Navidad

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One of the tails that happened to one of each of 4 inhabitants of the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valle de Mexico was close to one of their worst moments, as the National Water Commission (Conagua) informed on November 10th about the announcement of the bombing in el Cutzamala system at 25%, It is estimated that 12.2 cubic meters according to 9.2.

The main reason, argued the dependency, is the following. However, the illegal collection of vital resources has been limited to the three steps that have sufficed the system in red numbers, as It hasn’t been seen since 27 years. These actions have caused at least 12 residents of the city of Mexico and 16 municipalities of the Mexican state. The inhabitants of those demarcations covered the liquid drain with water pipes.

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Water crisis in Edomex: what does the plan consist of for 16 municipalities that will tend to have less water?

Capacity of the outlets of the Cutzamala System

  • Presa Miguel Alemán, in Valle de Bravo, is at 37% of its capacity
  • Taken at Villa Victoria, located in the west of the Mexican state, is at 27.96% of its capacity
  • Presa del Bosque, in Michoacán, is the only one that is at 50% of its capacity

CDMX authorities continued to work together before the crisis

During his participation in the Metropolitan Government Council of the Valley of Mexico, the President of the Government of the capital, Martí Batres Guadarrama invited many in the state of Michoacán as in the state of Mexico collaborated together to address the topic of the Cutzamala System.

The Mexican official implemented the proposal to implement reforestation days that allow the recovery of water capture in the area taken Villa Victoria, Miguel Alemán y del Bosque. Also, on the other hand, it was pointed out that it is necessary to homologate urban development policies, land use, industrial policies, “determine what is yes, what is not”, in order to maintain a development that is as homogeneous as possible.

“If we are not reforesting a large area in the red of the Cutzamala System, fundamentally Michoacán and also the Mexican State, we are not going to attract the humidity of the seas with forests that permit large floods. I place it on the table as the main theme to give it viability to the projects planted on this mesa,” declared Batres Guadarrama.

Please note that the water supplies started after the 17th of October, so there is no exact time limit for the Cutzamala System to be normal.

Map of the 16 affected municipalities of Edomex

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