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Make pastels with friends and make them in front of families outside a store

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Security cameras captured the exact moment in which a young man was executed at balazos inside a pastry shop in Brazil. According to the report, which circulates in the social circles, the victim is encountered in the city of Paraná, in a building called “Shimit Pastéis”, when alleged hitmen take fire on him, leaving him alive on the stage.

In the images, which have gone viral on different social platforms, it should be noted that the young person was starting pastries – in the company of his friends -, when a young man appears on the stage – someone wearing a motorcycle helmet on his beak – he dresses in a sky blue player and approaches the victim’s table.

The attacker attacked the victims with the weapon in his hands. Photo: special.

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What do you know about the youngster who took the cakes and was executed?

Without talking to the victim, the attacker stood in front of the youth’s table and opened fire against the three people who exploited him pasteles. Quickly, las families who are in it I negotiate they stood up and started running, in an attempt to save their lives.

The shooter is odd on at least three occasions against the young person he encounters starting pastries in his company amigos. The victims pulled the ground, to avoid the impacts of the bale, but if unknown they turned out to be injured. According to the information, which circulates in social circles, at least one of the youngsters lost his life as a consequence of the balas.

Would they arrest the suspect who asked a young man while eating pastries?

Wait now, the Brazilian authorities didn’t know if the suspect was arrested. In the video, which circulates in social circles, you see that the suspect – who has seen a blue player and a case of a motorcyclist – escapes from the scene, and disappears on various occasions against the victims who come pasteles.

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