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Maine expels Trump from the Republican primary elections

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Mainein the north of the United States, he converted these games in the second state in expulsion to ex-president Donald Trump (2017-2021), pre-candidate for the comics of 2024, of the Republican primaries of this state, for its role in the assault on the Capitol on the 6th of January 2021.

In a document shared by various means of communication stated, the secretary of the State of MaineShenna Bellows announced the decision, alleging that Trump cannot participate in comics because he has participated in an “insurrection.”

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The secretary of the State of Maine, like the Supreme Court of Colorado, called on Enmienda 14 of the Constitution. PHOTO: Special

Bellows’ decision takes place a week after the Supreme Court of the State of Colorado, in a historical measure, fell in favor of expelling the Republican from the primaries of his party. The secretary of the State of Mainejust like the Supreme of Coloradoappealed to Enmienda 14 of the Constitution, which prohibits people who have participated in an insurrection from occupying a popular election position.

This mission was launched in 1868, after the civil war in United Statesto avoid that people associated with the sureños raises of the Confederacy could be linked to the power.

“I am aware that no State Secretary has deprived anyone of his knowledge candidate presidential of the access to the urns based on the Third Section of the Decimocuarta Enmienda”, wrote Bellows in the document shared by medium states.

“Still, I am also aware that no presidential candidate has ever participated in an insurrection before,” Bellows said.

The shadow of the Capitol lingers on Trump

On January 6, 2021, thousands of followers of President Trump stormed the EU Capitol. PHOTO: Special

The Republican Party of Colorado I decided the miracles would return before the Supreme EU the decision to descale Trump’s electoral elections in this state.

On January 6, 2021, thousands of followers of the president Trump they stormed the Capitol of EU While legislators are in the process of certifying the results of the elections that gave victory to the current president, Joe Biden.

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