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Maduro and Ali are driven back by tensions in Venezuela and Guyana

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The president of VenezuelaNicolas Maduroand its counterpart of GuyanaIrfaan Ali, if these games were reunited in San Vicente and Granadinas. Apparently, the situation between both agents is intended to desesteem them tensions who live in Esequibo – a territory with abundant oil that Georgetown currently administers, but is claimed by Caracas – following information shared by the Venezuelan government.

It was through the account of “As a bilateral meeting between President Nicolas Maduro and his Guyanese counterpart, Irfaan Alí, took place in San Vicente and the Granadas”, it was read in the public domain, where images of the meeting were also spread.

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Venezuela and Guyana will reunite to negotiate the territorial dispute

The EU hopes that the fight between Venezuela and Guyana will not end in violence

The official photographs were distributed in the Ministry of Communications and Information of Venezuela. Photo: captura de pantalla.

What topics were discussed at the meeting between Maduro and Ali?

Now, let’s understand what the themes were that were discussed at the meeting between Nicolas Maduro and Irfaan Ali. However, it is believed that both agents met to lessen the tensions that they were experiencing between Guyana y Venezuela. The dispute between both nations is over the sovereignty of Esequibo – a region rich in oil – which, following Caracas, forms part of its territory.

Let me mention that Venezuela’s interest in the exercise began in 2015, where decades of oil yields began to be discovered. For its part, the Government of Guyana has warned – on repeated occasions – that it will inform the UN Security Council if the Government of Venezuela insists on reclaiming the territory as it does.

Both representatives met to defuse the tensions that have been experienced between Guyana and Venezuela. Photo: @Mippcivzla.

Maduro ensured that he hoped to approach the amenazas to peace between both countries

Days before the meeting, the president of VenezuelaNicolas Maduro, announced – through a paper in his social circles – that he hoped to hold a dialogue to address the main issues in peace. As an agent he also reprobated the presence of United States in it Guyanawho assured me that it was against “our aspiration to maintain Latin America and the Caribbean as a peaceful zone, free from conflicts, without interference from national interests”.

“I aspire that in this high level environment we can approach the main improvements to the peace and stability of our countries. Within the framework of the Southern Command of the United States, which has begun operations in the disputed territory,” it is found in the paper that shared Maduro in his social circles.

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