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Madhya Pradesh: 150 km journey with the body of a newborn child in a bag, the hospital is accused of not providing an ambulance

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150 km journey with the body of a newborn child in a bag.

A surprising case has come to light from Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh. Here, hiding the dead body of a newborn baby in a bag, his family members wandered for hours, but no one even thought it appropriate to help them. The family members allege that the hospital did not provide them an ambulance, whereas according to the officials, the newborn was forcibly taken away by the family members while alive.

What is the whole matter?

In fact, on June 13, Jamni Bai, a resident of Sahajpuri village in Dindori, was admitted to the Dindori District Hospital for labor pain and after the condition of the newborn deteriorated, she was referred to the Jabalpur Medical College on June 14, where she was treated for treatment. The newborn died on 15 June.

150 km journey by keeping the dead body in a bag

The family members requested the medical college Jabalpur management to arrange for a hearse to return to Dindori. But the management did not provide the dead body, after which the family members reached Jabalpur bus stand keeping the dead body in an auto and covered the body in a bag and traveled 150 kilometers in the bus to reach Dindori.

‘No one came forward to help’

The family members said that they kept the dead body on a bag and waited for relatives for several hours at the bus stand. But no one came to help.

Seeing the dead body, the bus conductor was refusing to let us sit in the bus, so we did not have enough money to reach Dindori in a private vehicle, so we hid the dead body in a bag and traveled.

Relative of the deceased

Surtiya Bai told that they somehow earn their living by working hard.

‘Family forcibly taking the child alive’ 

However, Regional Health Director of Jabalpur division Dr. Sanjay Mishra said that the child was admitted in Sick New Barn Care Unit (SNCU) for about 6 to 7 hours. After this, the family repeatedly started urging to take the child home, after which he was allowed under discharge on request.

In Discharge on Request (DOR), it is written that the child is in critical condition, we are taking it on our own responsibility. The relatives agreed to write all this and took the child alive.

Sanjay Mishra, Regional Health Director Jabalpur

Dr. Sanjay Mishra said, “The child’s weight was very low, so he must have died due to heat or any other seasonal reason.”

He said, “I have talked to the Dean Medical College Jabalpur and the Superintendent Medical College. It has come to the notice of not providing an ambulance, but we provide it on request. We will investigate the whole matter and then take action, all things exist on record.”

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