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Machismo in politics: Claudia Sheinbaum shares the crimes she has faced

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Currently, thousands of people are connected thanks to you social redes, through this we can establish communication with other people on the other side of the world if we ask for it. Over the years the power that they have has been demonstrated, it can be done with a simple video, this can go viral and reveal a situation or social problem inclusive much time before the traditional methods.

At a high level of wealth, social resources can be used for good and to obtain great benefits, without limitation and as in all, they can also be used for bad. At the touch of a button, practically any person will turn on this, allowing you to send out opinions and leave comments on any video or content, since this is a completely negative feedback or algorithm, as there are two poles in this digital world: fans and los haters.

Los haters in the social circles

It is referred to as haters to those internet users who dedicate themselves to making hate speech and inciting violence within the context of some influencer, public figure or even other internet user. But where does this hate come from? It’s a good thing that in Mexico you’re still fighting against him machismo and the violence that engulfs the country, which unfortunately also continues to be fought through social networks.

Gender violence in politics

This month on streaming platforms and YouTube, I’d like to know the third episode of the podcast Sheinboomin what, the Dra. Claudia Sheinbaum She was a host and approached the theme of the opportunity that social networks hold as well as the virality that keeps creators contained, so she invited them to Yazhira Handal y Esther Ortegatwo creators who focus on the content on the side politicswhere they shared how they fought against the hate they received in the blood because they were women.

Claudia Sheinbaum and Andres Manuel

In the podcast, both the creators and the candidate for the presidency shared opinions on machismo that they face in social circles, you can mention that they have received comments where the questions are about their knowledge in politics, and who seems to be women, no They rely on sufficient knowledge to emit an opinion, completely abandoning the preparation that they have to bear in their short years.

“But if I was a man, would they say that?” Of course not. – Claudia Sheinbaum

Sheinbaum, mentioned that far off his career he has encountered this type of commentary, but also noted that he has actually noticed more often than not as feminism and the support among women has gained strength, perhaps on the contrary, two women have not They would be encumbered by the questions and the content for the presidency.


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