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Luto en la realización: el emir de Kuwait dies

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The Emir of Kuwait, Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah, has failed, as reported by the summer television. She was 86 years old. Kuwait TV interrupted its program with verses from Koran just before making the announcement.

El jeque Nawaf He was hospitalized at the end of November due to an undisclosed illness. From the beginning, the small nation oil company was waiting for news about his health status. The mid-summers reported before that in March 2021 he traveled to United States for sometime unspecified medical reviews.

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In the United Kingdom, these are all the countries that still preserve the monarchy

The health of Kuwaiti leaders continues to be a delicate topic in this country faced with Iraq y Saudi Arabiawhich has vivid internal moments in the palace for the power.

A life in pursuit of peace

Nawaf took on the emir’s cargo in 2020 following the death of his predecessor, the boy Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah. The pain of Sabah’s death, I know from his diplomacy and his work in favor of peace, was felt throughout the region.

The emir previously served as Minister of Interior and Defense Kuwait, but they were not considered especially active in government outside of these cargoes. There was no controversy about his election, although his advance and opinion led analysts to suggest that his mandate would be short-lived.

The Kuwaiti flags wave at medium auction in the official buildings. Photo: AFP

If you believe the boy Meshal Al Ahmad Al Jaber, 83 years old, is the oldest heir apparent in the world. He is the first in line of succession and the one who will probably replace the recently failing ruler.

Kuwait, a nation with 4.2 million inhabitants and a slightly smaller surface area than New Jersey, holds the sixth largest oil reserve knowledge of the world.

Nawaf was one of the mayors of the United States in the region. Photo: AFP

It has a signature associated with it Washington after that Gulf War in 1991 expelled to the forces occupying Iraqi forces Saddam Hussein. Kuwait has 13,500 soldiers stationed there and houses the advanced general headquarters of the United States Army in the Middle East.

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