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Luisito Comunica was in Greenland and began dancing, what other exotic meats are sold?

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The youtuber Luisito Comunica doesn’t want to surprise his followers and now on his new journey to Greenland I paid attention to knowing all the varieties carnes which are difficult to find in Mexico. And that’s it container creator he met with seal, whale, narval and hasta ox from the snows.

In a video that I published last December 14th, Luisito explained that among the main points animalis that are consumed in it Greenland if it enters the vein, while others like it seal They usually have varied uses such as making aceites, using their pieces and for eating.

“The people here come with meat that in other parts of the world turns out to be very strange like whale, seal, narval, snow ox, etc”, said the YouTuber.

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Luisito Comunica’s gastronomic experience in Greenland

Luisito Comunica explains that in Greenland there is no street traffic. Credits: Youtube/captura.

In the video of just over 15 minutes, Luisito communicates how you have the opportunity to visit a market in Greenland and also here is evidence of how it was made fishingya que junto con la caceríait is one of the main economic activities in this place.

Other interesting aspects of the contents of the youtuber This is explained by the difference between countries such as Mexico Greenland do not have food on the street due to the lower temperatures. Without embargo, el influencers Here was the opportunity to stop by the house of a resident, who invited her to a typical dish prepared with animals such as dogs or cats.

The reaction of users of social networks before the video of Luisito Comunica in Greenland

Luisito Comunica caused surprise among Internet users. Credits: Youtube/captura.

Until Sunday 17th December, the video from Luisito Comunica titled “Probando comida callejera en Greenland “Dance and I dare polar!” has more than 2 million 800 million views as well as the editor of 94 million “I like it” and more than 2 million comments from people who express their opinion on the content.

And it is that with phrases like “I didn’t know that Greenland was so good”, “Thanks for bringing us so much culture” or “Thanks for bringing such wonderful places”, distinguished followers of the YouTuber expressed their surprise by the traditions and platillos of Greenland.

Where is Greenland?

Greenland is considered the largest island in the world. Credits: Wikipedia.

Greenland It is considered the largest island in the world and is located between the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, without embargo, it forms part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is estimated that in approximately 2 million 166 million 86 square kilometres, more than 56 million 900 inhabitants live in an extremely cold environment.

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