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Lucero joins the busk Maika Torres; a Venezuelan fan disappeared in Jalisco

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The Mexican singer Lucero he joined the quest of one of his greatest fans; if it is about Maika Torresa Venezuelan citizen rooted in Mexico who went up to work in Chapala, and until now she has not returned to her home, because of the demands that her family has on her hallada con vida.

On the other hand, the General Fiscalía de Justice of the state of Jalisco needs to know what the Special Tax for Disappeared Persons I took the case, and I opened a carpet of it investigation for the business of the Venezuelan citizen. “Conform to advance investigations if you will give them information through official channels”, written in their social networks.

“The #FEPD renews its compromise with the company by carrying out permanent operations to ensure that missing persons return to their family home”, concluded

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Maika Torres disappeared in Jalisco, demanding her job and being happy with life; Lucero joined because she was a big fan

The Fiscalía begins with the receipt form. Credit: Instagram

Missing singer Maika Torres in Jalisco, tax authorities are investigating

The cards of search that others have shared singers Mexicans, as well as Maika’s friends and family, indicates that she was last seen on December 1, 2023, at 8:45 am, presumably in the Barrio Guadalupe colony, Chapalaentity of the state of Jalisco.

Some of the particular signs that were informed by the family are perforations in both ears, as well as a wart in the naked buttock, and some scars in the pecho; also with wavy hair, wide and dark brown in tone, also with tez moraineslim build and a height of 156 centimetres.

The item that was taken away, for its identification, was a overol of blue color, one pink blouseas well as one chamarra of a vinotinto tone, and black tenis. In case of receiving information you can contact us on the telephone 7226614179. Also on 33 31456314 which is the number of the Comisión de Búsqueda de Personas del Estado.

Disappeared in Jalisco. Credit: Instagram

Who is Maika Torres, famous Venezuelan singer?

Maika Torres He is 38 years old and is of Venezuelan nationality. She spent several years living in Mexico, where she studied the career of publicity. That day disappearedHe went up to work, but never returned home. In her social circles she describes herself as a “lover of good music”, she also shows his great fanaticism by Lucerohere’s what to follow for all parts.

Indeed, her singer was the key to spreading the image of Maika, due to the fact that the publications have brought her. “You are spreading this information. Please repost yes they are so lovely, many thanks”, wrote on the official Twitter profile.

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Maika Torres is 38 years old and is of Venezuelan nationality. Credit: Instagram

Maika If shown on the official TikTok as someone who truly enjoys music, you can have dozens of videos singing or dancing. He keeps some singing tips, so he can do the gala on it voice with songs like “Costumbres”; “Que Será de ti”, “Algo más”, entre otras. Also, she participated in some competitions.

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