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“Love and I paid badly”: the last publication of a feminicide before his marriage

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El feminicide a teenager, identified as Jazmín D’Alessandro – only 15 years old -, talked to thousands of inhabitants in the community of La Plata, Argentina. According to the investigation of the police, the young girl lost her life where her new son, Daniel Alberto Sasiain, 25 years old, launched her from the first floor of a building in construction.

After the crime – which took place on November 30th – the suspect was detained and under the scrutiny of the authorities, the suspects began an investigation into the crime of homicide. In this sense, the publications that the femicide committed in their social circles have come to light now before asesinar to his news of him, in which he accused the younger age for allegedly having her sido infiel.

The attacker was detained. Photo: Facebook Daniel Sasiain.

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What were the latest publications of the feminicide before the crime?

The publications of the feminicide They have caused commotion among the Argentine community, including collective feminists, as well as friends and relatives of the victim, as the man gave him warnings of what was about to happen. In one of his last posthumous poems, Daniel Alberto wrote the following: “Today it’s a day more like any other, only the love I had for a person who of love and I paid badly”.

Later, Daniel brought his new home to a building under construction and – according to the testimony report – claimed it for a sum infidelity. The verbal discussion escalated quickly and the man began to strike at the end of the day, until he finally launched it from the first stage of construction. The teenager lost her life as a consequence of the severe injuries she suffered through her life and her life.

Compare messages to your peers. Photo: Facebook Daniel Sasiain.

Daniel assumed about “love” in social circles

Days before the feminicide, Daniel shared a series of mensajes para su novia Jazmín, in which he apparently presumed the love he held for her: “I love you infinitely, no one knows the happiness that makes me. I love you and I never want to stop loving you. This love doesn’t stop at the beginning, this is for all life, I can’t stop feeling what I feel for you. “We are real, hasta la muerte. (…) Nadie is never going to separate us, so I can assure you. Te amo una banda mi amor”, is read in one of the publications.

These people, as well as the messages in social circles, have aroused the indignation of hundreds of people in Argentina, especially since the case is not impunity and that the femicide receives a sentence for the murder of Jazmin, who only lasted 15 years to moment of crimen.

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