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Looking at the Mexico-Toluca highway: when and how long will it last?

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There autopista Mexico-Toluca will be cerrada in the last few days of the year due to this artery considered the most important and with greater traffic that connects the city of Mexico with the capital of the State of Mexico, it will tend to traffic construction for the works of Interurban train oh best I know how “El Insurgente”.

The Secretaría de Obras y Servicios (SOBSE) announced the barrier of the México-Toluca autopista which forms part of the second phase of the construction of the Interurban Train, therefore it will be two days that the artery will remain closed to move forward the line for construction.

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The second phase of operations of the Interurban Train is completed. Photo: Archive

Autopista México-Toluca: from when it will be closed

The SOBSE indicated that the crash of the Mexico-Toluca autopista will be felt in both ways and will begin during the last end of the week of 2023, which is why it will urge motorists to take precautions so as not to interfere with their activities that involve transiting the road.

The work for this second phase of construction of the Interurban Train “El Insurgente” corresponds to the continuity of building it elevated viaduct where the public transport medium that connects the city of Mexico with the center of the state of Mexico will pass, the following are:

  • Install the fourth piece of door 1, which is a metal structure of 237 tons and 30 meters in length.

The Secretary of Operations specified the time and time from which you will find the road section which includes kilometers 24 to 33, from the height of La Marquesa to Caseta La Venta of the Mexico-Toluca autopista starting from:

  • Start on December 29th from 8:00 am.
  • Ends on Saturday 30th December at 2pm late.
SOBSE asked motorists to use alternative avenues. Photo: X

“For the sake of the El Insurgente train, the Mexico-Toluca autopista will be closed to circulation, both felt, on the La Marquesa-Caseta La Venta section, on December 29th. starting from 8pm until 2pm on Saturday 30th December. Circle por la Carretera Federal”, indicated the secretary on the page of X, who joined in a press release:

“SOBSE welcomes the understanding of people living and traveling in the area, at the same time as inviting them to take alternative forecasts and routes”: SOBSE.

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