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Long lines, waste and costs: this is the first day of vacancy against Covid in pharmacies

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There vacuna Pfizer against el COVID-19 ya está la venta en pharmacies en Mexicoand during the first day in various branches of the company City of Mexico There were large lines of people who wanted to apply the inoculation and indicated that they would delay the rededor of two hours in the meantime so that the employees of the pharmacies could vacate them.

Starting this Monday December 20th, the Pfizer laboratories will be marketing the vaccine that combats the sublines of the variant Ómicron of the SARS-CoV-2, XBB.1.5. and XBB.1.3, which contains the most updated formula that affects patients infected with these Ómicron mutations.

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The Pfizer vacuna sells for between 850 million pesos. Photo: Archive

What is the Pfizer vaccine against Covid in pharmacies?

Many people are looking for this wonderful drug in various stores in the city of Mexico where it will be announced that the vacuna against Covid-19 will be sold in pharmacies. Some people – in your mayoría adult mayores– cook from the beginning now to make the starters empty.

At the San Pablo pharmacy, located on Calle Chihuahua, Roma Norte colony, 70 doses were sold this first day, the quantities that are filled in hours. The users paid on vacuna and hoped that they had been injected with the chemical, the prices ranging from 850 up to 10000000000 pesos, depending on the brand of pharmacy.

Some branches still do not have a vacancy but it is hoped that in the next few days they will be sold in all the pharmacies in the capital of the Cadena area such as San Pablo, Farmacias del Ahorro, Benavides and Guadalajara.

Large lines in pharmacies for the Pfizer vacuna sale. Photo: Mario Miranda

Why did they take so long to apply the Pfizer vaccine in pharmacies?

The director of Asuntos Médicos de Pfizer in Latin America, Yéssika Moreno, I assure you that the product that is marketed in Mexico since this miracle is the most up to date and combats the subvariants and its sublines, “it is more than 6 months old; nevertheless, for this moment we tend to be available for people aged 5 and over”, said the doctor interviewed with Teleformula.

It should be noted that at the moment that the people go to the pharmacies to apply the vaccine, they must tell the dose users the date of the patients, “the person at the pharmacy will use the presentation indicated in the information given to the patient”, I say.

Benjamin Orozcoa neighbor from the Roma Norte colony, I’m waiting for an hour and a half to enter the pharmacy clinic to vacate him, due to the pharmacy workers receiving the personal details of the customers who want to apply the vacuna, assured:.

“What good thing is in Mexico, the problem is that the employees still don’t know how to operate properly… I’m left empty in it World Trade Center and it took 15 minutes when the government distributed the vacancies, and now I go to do more than an hour, hour and average”.

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