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Lok Katha – Kadwa Sach | folklore

Lok Katha – Kadwa Sach | folklore

Lok Katha – Kadwa Sach | There is a folk tale from ancient India. There was a king in a kingdom. He was very religious and brave. The king had many qualities. One day an astrologer came to his court. Some minister told that he is a very perfect astrologer, his predictions always come true. The king’s curiosity increased. He called the astrologer to his palace. In the palace, the king showed his horoscope. The astrologer studied the horoscope for a long time, then he told the king that your life is useless, all your relatives will be killed in front of you. You will be left alone in your lineage.

The king was shocked to hear the astrologer. He went away in despair. He doesn’t like his work. Even in the court, there was a feeling of incompatibility. Seeing this all the ministers got upset. But, no one dared to ask anything from the king. One day, a wise minister named Maniraj, seeing his solitude, asked the king the reason for his sadness. The king said that that astrologer has said that my entire family will end in front of me. I am deeply shocked by this. I am worried about the safety of the family. The minister understood that the king was upset for some reason. He said that I know a Pandit Jagannath ji in Maharaj, he is also very perfect. I think I should talk to him once.

The king said okay. Invite them too. Pandit Jagannath was called. The minister explained all the problems. He also told the prediction of the old pandit. Pandit Jagannath also saw the horoscope of the king. He found that the old pundit predicted correctly. But, now he could not tell the king that all his relatives would die in front of him and he could not even tell any lie. He thought twice. Then, bringing a glow on the face, said Maharaj, there is no yoga of sorrow in your horoscope, you will rule for a long time. Your kingdom will grow continuously, year after year you will adorn the throne. You will be at the forefront of your entire family even in wealth and age. Your age will not be in the fate of anyone in the whole family. I don’t see anything wrong in your horoscope.

Pandit Jagannath reiterated the old pundit that all his relatives would die while the king was alive, saying that no one in the whole family is older than him. But the king was very satisfied to hear the pundit. He also gave him a lot of reward.

the essence of the story Lok Katha – Kadwa Sach | folklore
It is not necessary that the bitter truth should be told in a bitter way. Sometimes the way of speaking changes the effect of the talk. If the truth is bitter or there is a hard truth, it can also be told in a mild way.



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