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Locate the cores of the captured mines in El Pinabete

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Authorities confirmed that the two bodies were located personas who form part of the group of 10 mineros who were caught between the accident on mine”El Pinabete”, scheduled for August 2022.

At the beginning of December we will know that we will start with the search and location tasks caught mineros and, among the 19 linear meters of netting material and polylines inside the GW7 transversal gallery, and four linear meters of the GSN7 longitudinal gallery, the first hallazgos were made.

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Localize the mining of mined mines in “El Pinabete”, there are no direct indications of them yet

Start PC and CFE collect 10 miners captured in El Pinabete

There is an information meeting between federal authorities and family members of miners of “El Pinabete”

There General Tax of the State of Coahuila confirmed that the works, which are carried out in coordination with the Secretaría del Trabajo del Gobierno Estatal, the Secretaría de la Defense Nacional, the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, the Coordinación Nacional de Protección Civil and the Subsecretaría de Protección Civil estatal, arrojaron the hallazgo of two hearts of the mining group stuck on the mine.

Commienza Fiscalía estatal identification of the horses

The General Tax of the State will begin dangerous work for the identification of the rests, while the search tasks will follow to deal with the rest of the mines, which bodies have not been located.

The bodies of the remaining mines have not been located. Photo: Cuartoscuro

“Cabe destacar que las dependencies del gobierno de Coahuila They have maintained a permanent dialogue with the families of the miners who have been arrested since August 3, 2022 when the accidentthose who have demonstrated their solidarity and toasted wholesomeness”, reported the author.

In August of last year, an accident caused by the accumulation of water buried a group of 10 miners who worked in the El Pinabete mine, which is located in the municipality of Sabinas, in the Carboniferous Region of Coahuila.

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