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Line B: Where and what stations can you find?

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Everything seems to indicate that the Line B of the Collective Transport System (STC) it will be the following route to enter it maintenance. And this is why the authorities of the Metro launched a call for those interested in participating in the tender for the “road level and alignment on the elevated section” of this route. Where and what stations cerrarian? We count you.

However, beforehand, it is convenient to separate that from the information shared in the Official Gazette of the CDMX, the limit so that physical and moral persons, who so desire it, can register in the biddingThis will be December 22nd 2023 and the fault will be revealed on Black 11th 2024.

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When and for how long will you reach Metro Line B?

The development work will begin in 2024. Credit: Cuartoscuro/archivo.

Follow the data shared in the call form biddingwhat you want to do there Line B (Ciudad Azteca-Buenavista) are works of “levelling and alignment of road on the elevated path” as well as works of elevation and leveling at six stations of the route. When will the work begin?

We weigh the authorities of the moment until this moment City of Mexico The people of the Metro have communicated when the sky will be dark Linethe document published in the Official Gazette, marks how the maintenance work was carried out around the 18th of January 2024 to end on the 18th of June 2024. In this sense, the high point of the route B I would stay close to the rededor for five months.

It is considered that the work will end in June 2024. Credits: Convocation of Bidding.

Which stations on Line B will close?

The route that will take place is the one that goes from Morelos to Deportivo Oceanía. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

Based on the public notice, the development and maintenance work will be carried out from the principles of the following year in six stations of the plot that goes from Morelos to Deportivo Oceania. So the paradoxes that are true are the following:

  1. Morelos
  2. San Lázaro
  3. Ricardo Flores Magon
  4. Romero Rubio
  5. Oceania
  6. Deportivo Oceania

Line 9 continues with a closed line

The line from Pantitlán to Ciudad Deportiva from Line 9 also remains closed. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

It is convenient to decide that the glass of the elevated plot de la Line B if he sumaría al de la Line 9 of the Metro. Let us record that from the past 17th December the stations that are Pantitlan to Sports City they attempted to carry out the necessary renovation work, so the authorities implemented alternative transport services.

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