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Ley Ociel Baena about this initiative that goes against hate speech

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A week of sympathy for the death of Jesus Ociel Baena Saucedo and his sentimental companion, Dorian Nieves Herrera, continues the clamor of the voices of the LGBTTTIQ+ community that piden justice for Land magistrates, who broke on “his own crystal glass” to, from his trencher, pulse the backsides of sexual desires.

More than a magistrate of the Tribunal Electoral de Aguascalientes, Ociel Baena If you become the first non-binary person you will be recognized with a birth certificate, a voter credential and a small passport gender identity; even, just a few weeks before his death he was recognized as “teacher”, the title is based on the inclusive language which has a certain controversy.

Ociel Baena, the magistrates, was born for 38 years. Photo: Special

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Diputada trans seeks impulse Ley Ociel Baena

Shortly before having been hallado in life, the magistrates recognized to have been recibido amenazas de muerteand included during an interview in the program The VerDragbroadcast on the Canal Once, he referred to the hate speeches of those who were objective: “Ever since I have increased the hate speech on my person, I have seen it in social circles, but the ones who complain about me the most are the amenazas of death that I have been receiving lately”, I said, and affirmed that “the physical aggression follows the verbal discourse, and ends with asesinatos”.

One of the voices that cry out for justice in this case is the voice of the one transgender legislator of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), Salma Luévano, who on the 15th of November was a member who will ask the different partisan factions of the Chamber of Deputies to accompany a initiative against them hate speechknow how “Ley Ociel Baena“.

Salma Luévano, in a press conference on the death of the Ociel Baena magistrates: Chamber of Deputies

What does the initiative consist of?

In the press conference, Luévano Luna explained that, although controversial, the initiative claims “punish and sanction hate speech (…) those who incite or promote hate speech” can, I say, además to follow with the “mission” of Ociel Baenait deals with a theme of dignity: “They are not caprichos those who we are pidiendo are derechos humanos”, he said.

Through a video on social media, published last November 17, I covered the topic and made it clear that it was about typifying and sanctioning him hate crimes against people with their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, consider, “the fallacy of a perspective of sexual diversity in the investigation, and a sanction in accordance with the violence with the fact that these crimes only generate impunity”.

Initial, presented and “frozen” for at least a year

However, the government has been puzzling over the topic for about a year now, in agreement with the Legislative Information System (SIL), on 15 December 2022 it presented an initiative to add a article 315 third to the Federal Criminal Code, with the “objective to establish the causes that determine whether the commission of the crime of homicide constitutes a crime of hate”. En la initiative, destacan two proposals clubs:

  1. Penalty of 40 to 70 years of prison when a homicide occurs based on the sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sexual characteristics, race, religion, disability, ethnicity or nationality of the victim
  2. It will be possible to infer that the murder was God for the preceding reasons when, among others, there is evidence in social circles that the perpetrator expressed hate speech, there are previous reports of injuries or injuries to the victim, there are antecedents of previous injuries or attacks in work centres, schools, family surroundings, public or private spaces

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