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Let’s lose 2 years ago in Culiacán

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Once again, the celebration of Good Night in Culiacán, Sinaloa, was surrounded by shadows due to the intervention of anonymous gunmen, who were forced to shoot at the air impact with bales lost to two people who did not hope to spend the night in a hospital.

Year after year, this practice throughout the country occasionally causes injuries to citizens who are located even within kilometers of where the explosions occur.

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A young man and a man were the victims reported during the storm. PHOTO: Archive.

María was taken by a bala in Culiacán

María Cecilia, 28 years old, met sharing moments with her family members in a home in the colony on March 21st, when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her tobillos. Upon examination, the young girl discovered that she had been hit by a bad bale. At this time, her family’s priority was to ensure her safety and get her out of immediate medical care.

The young person entered the emergency services in the middle of the street to receive medical attention. However, just now, a similar case has been reported in another location in Culiacán.

There are no indications that anyone can make the odds. PHOTO: Archive.

A man was the first victim of the lost whales of Sinaloa

The other thing happened a few hours ago, when it was reported that a lost bale was taken by a man who was watching in line in a tortillery of the Chulavista faction, located in the south of the Sinalonese capital.

The victim in this case is Miguel Alberto, 51 years old, who he met hoping for a turn to buy tortillas in this Nochebuena. Suddenly, he realized that he was injured in the arm, being assisted by family members who immediately transported him to a particular vehicle at a hospital.

Fracasa the operative against pyrotechnics in Sinaloa

Considering the warnings issued by the authorities, which ensured the prohibition of the detonation of pyrotechnics during the New Year, the explosion of rockets in Culiacan not only did it generate a dense humor and color to the dust, but also a human tragedy. During the veil, a man suffered the amputation of his arm and hand due to the explosion of a skin.

These items are sold in the country. PHOTO: Archive.

Apolinar, 45 years old, is the man injured in this accident. He was encountered in his life in the Aguaruto register, looking for the state public security complex, an artifact explosive it detonated unexpectedly in his hand.

Among the incidents that required the attention of the bombers during Nochebuena, the fire of at least three vehicles stands out, since at least two of them encountered a bomb. Until now, if you have determined whether these cases are bound by the use of pyrotechnics.

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