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Lesly has been looking for her mother for more than a year, on TikTok sharing the words: “Hasta encontrarte”

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Carmen disappeared in the month of March 2022, the place where he will come up with his work. Hi there, no more news about her, please dejo to contest them mensajesand also, send the calls immediately to the voice buzz, the last meal was approximately 2.30am.

“When the day disappeared, I went up to comer at 2.30am and told me at 4.30am because I didn’t have anything to do with your job. Mark it and send me a message so I won’t stop you from coming, if you asked me to come in there mesa con tus takis moradas”, wrote on the TikTok.

María del Carmen was at work. Credit: Madres buscadoras

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The shopping list María del Carmen Palacios Nuevo indicates that it disappeared on March 22, 2022, at the age of 40, in the Largo Madera Island, in Ciudad Madera, state of Chihuahua. She is Mexican, 175 centimeters tall, weighs 80 kilograms, is white and has a robust build.

As particular signs, it holds wide hairwavy and dark coffee: middle eyes, cafés; dear redundant; median nariz and median labia. He holds a lunar 5 centimeters on the right buttock. On the last day that she saw her she took one chamarra with camouflage design, trousers of blue mixture and tennis beige.

Hija is the one who published the story on TikTok Carmen, moving thousands of people. The video, until the moment, has 183 million reactions “I like it“and more than 2 thousand comments from which they send you alien messages, from which they offer you help, among other things that need to be addressed to you.

No summer alone on the journey, I was accompanied by on babiesfor her mother’s family, among hers one of hers tias who actively went to the market. As the family has marched towards other collectives, they have joined the game to exact justice and the support of their family members. Also the abuela It has been an important part of the business.

“You don’t know the nostalgia that only exists in photos”, wrote Lesly in the red.

Lesly never stopped looking for her mother. Credit: Facebook Lesly Palacios

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Along the way he met other people who also wanted his family members, and became an activist, who wanted to meet not only his mother, to toast her justice. In her social circles she publishes the information about everyone who is in the same situation as her mother.

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