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Leader of North Korea calls to “accelerate” preparations for war

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The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un He urged his party to “accelerate” the preparations for it war, including on the nuclear program, informed the news outlet. His comments about him appeared a week after Kim realized that his country wouldn’t hesitate to launch a nuclear ataque in case of being “provoked” with atomic weapons.

Kim addressed the topic at the meeting of the ruling Party of the Trabajadores de Koreafrom which it is hoped that political decisions will be announced for 2024. His party will then “accelerate the preparations of the war“in different sectors, such as nuclear weapons and civil defense, informed the official news agency KCNA.

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Why did I go to North Korea to join the war?

South Korea, Japan and the EU have intensified military cooperation before the wave of Northern armament players this year. PHOTO: AFP

The North Korean leader ensured that the “military situation” on the Korean peninsula had turned “extreme” due to Washington’s “unprecedented” confrontations. South Korea, Japan y United States they intensified the military cooperation before the wave of armaments manufacturers in the North this year, they activated a system to share information in real time about the launches of misilis norcoreanos.

Last week, a nuclear-powered submarine arrived at the South Korean port of Busan, and Washington sent bombardieros of wide opportunity to execute maneuvers with Seoul and Tokyo.

North Korea considers sending weapons as “provocative actions”

North Korea agreed this year in its establishment of nuclear power status. PHOTO: AFP

Para Pyongyangthe delivery of strategic weapons, such as B-52 bombers, to the combined weapons in the Korean peninsula they are “intentionally provocative actions of United States for a nuclear war”.

The North launched this year a recognition satellite, consecrated in its constitution on the condition of nuclear power and it tested the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile.

With information from AFP

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