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Kim Jong Un amenaza a Estados Unidos tras launchar nuevo misil

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The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Unpromised to accelerate the nuclear development of its country and advised United States Not to make an equivocal decision, to supervise the launch of the country’s most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile, he informed the state outlet.

“An ICBM launch maneuver Hwasong-18 It was carried out as an important military action to clearly demonstrate to the enemies the ferocious will to react and the incomparable strength of North Korea’s nuclear strategic forces, the KCNA agency said.

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El Hwasong-18, el misil largest of the North Korean arsenal, flew a little more than a thousand kilometers and demonstrated the combat capability of the ICBM, joined.

Kim’s statement must resonate with her growing up arsenal of missiles and who will probably follow testing weapons before the presidential comics of the next year United States. But many observers say that North Korea also needs to carry out more significant tests to demonstrate that it has specific functional missiles in the US continental territory.

The North Korean representative placed the missile right there. Photo: KCNA

Tras observar el lanzamiento del intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-18, Kim said that the test showed how North Korea could respond if the enemies followed with the wrong options, following the Central News Agency of Korea.

Kim said that the launch of the missile, capable of moving territory of United States, send a clear signal to the hostile forces and place on march new important areas for the desarrollo of the strategic nuclear forces of North Koreafollowing the agency.

Make sure the launch highlights the country’s options in case United States there will be an equivocal decision in your case.

“The successful maneuver is a practical demonstration of the actual condition and reliability of the formidable capabilities of attack and dissuasion of nuclear war in the hands of the armed forces” of North Koreaadded Kim, quoted by KCNA.

El South Korean army It was said that the North fired an ICBM of solid fuel, which made the missiles easier to transport and quicker to fire than liquid fuel.

KCNA released photos of Kim accompanied by her hija dress small in a pink skin chaqueta while supervising the throwing.

South Korea, Japan and United States increase security

Por su parte, South Korea, United States y Japan They activated a system to share real information about the launches of North Korean missiles in a timely manner, in the pursuit of strengthening security cooperation, the South Korean Defense Minister informed.

“The three countries established the system to guarantee the security of their citizens to detect and evaluate the missiles launched by North Korea in real time,” the ministry said in a statement.

Monday’s launch was the third time North Korea tested an ICBM solid fuelwhich according to analysts indicates significant efforts to improve this technology.

This is a new question if God after a meeting comes to you Washington, where the United States and South Korea discussed nuclear deterrence in the event of a conflict with the North. Washington and Seoul warned that a nuclear attack by Pyongyang would result in the end of the North Korean regime.

This new technology would allow it to cover some areas of the United States. Photo: KCNA

North Korea declared itself last year irreversible nuclear power and I have said repeatedly that I will never abandon the nuclear program, considered by the authorities essential for the survival of the country. The UN Security Council has adopted numerous resolutions calling for Pyongyang to curb their nuclear and ballistic programs since their first nuclear test in 2006.

How dangerous is the North Korean missile?

The Hwasong-18 intercontinental ballistic missile is a Experimental solid fuel project considered as Pyongyang’s most powerful weapon. On built-in solid fuel it is more difficult to detect sparks from third parties than on models with liquid fuel, which should be stored before delivery.

However, many international experts believe that North Korea it must also overcome other technological obstacles to acquire nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles, such as the way to protect explosive caps from the harsh conditions of re-entry into the atmosphere.

Next ACNC, el misilLaunched at a high angle to avoid old towns, it traveled 2km in 73.5 minutes and reached a maximum altitude of 6m 518km before reaching the waters in the east of the country.

Kim was very satisfied with the review, which he described as a demonstration of the formidable attack power of his armed forces. It was the third thought of the Hwasong-18. The front two were released in April and July.

Kim Jong-Un presented the launch at his hija. Photo: KCNA

“Based on this message, this seems to have been an exercise in signaling and development. Technically there is nothing new here, so I can say in this preliminary moment, although from now on I am gaining confidence with the new one intercontinental ballistic missile of solid fuel”, indicated Ankit Panda, expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Leif-Eric Easley, professor of the Ewha University In Seoul, I said the test was another indication of the progress of its missile engine technology, although I added that there are still limits to what North Korea can learn with launches in those trays.

“Test the tip of the rods and the ability to return them will be involved lanzamientos provocateurs at greater distances. So that probably in the new year there will be as many more significant insights into technology as diplomacy,” Easley said.

South Korea and United States alistan maniobras conjuntas

ACNC affirmed that a recent meeting took place United States y South Korea above the plan of nuclear deterrence revealed openly the intention to carry out joint operations with a simulated nuclear attack above North Korea.

It was an allusion to the second meeting of the Grupo Consultor Nuclear among high level officials of both countries, celebrated the day. During their visit to Washington, the two countries agreed to update their nuclear contingency and dissuasion strategies and incorporate nuclear operation scenarios into their joint military forces in Verano, according to officials in Seoul.

The missile rose to more than 6 thousand kilometers in altitude. Photo: KCNA

North Korea interprets the growing alliance of Washington, Seoul y Tokyo as a safety precaution and attempted to respond by drawing your strings with China and Russia.

North Korea faced little suspicion of foreigners who had received advanced weapons technology from Russia in exchange for providing conventional weapons to fight back against the war. Russia en Ukraine.

With information from AP and AFP

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