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Ken Salazar recognizes Mexico’s cooperation outside of the world: “We build more secure communities”

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The embajador de los United States en MexicoKen Salazar, ensured cooperation in the right way extradiciones has reached a historical level between both countries, which hails the great level of compromise shared with the security y el bienestar of the nations.

“Our government works together with our partners as we have not before to protect the safety and well-being of our nations,” I say during your declarations before the communication medium.

Ken Salazar celebrates the historical moment of extraditions that both countries live in

Credit: Embajada EEUU

According to the ambassador, this year the extraditions of Mexico to the United States represent the highest annual figure in a decade, thanks to them joint efforts and to the bilateral treatment of the matter.

I also ensured that the high value of extraditional distinctions must be highlighted in the United States in recent years, as in the Ovidio Guzmán “El Ratón”one of the leaders of “Los Chapitos“, cell of the Sinaloa Cartel, or Ismael Quintero “Fierro”, just to mention a few.

United States also deported alleged delinquents to Mexico

It is clear that the process of extradition plays a crucial role in order to achieve results. “Our cooperation helps those who confront the people who are able to help our people with the poison of the fentanylel weapons traffic or the painful path of the irregular migration“.

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Credit: Cuartoscuro

Above all, this year, the Government of the United States He deported fugitives in Mexico searched by Mexican authorities for crimes such as homicide, feminicide, secuestro y organized crime. The high number of extradiciones to the United States and deportations of fugitives to Mexico is a clear record of what will make many people gain unscrupulously with the safety, health and well-being of our nations.

“In this way, we build more secure communities for our peoples on both sides of the front, because these actions represent certain coups against transnational criminal organizations, newspapers and pollsters,” said Ken Salazar.

He concluded by mentioning that the Marco Bicentenario and the High Level Dialogue on Security have established a solid basis for continuing to work on issues for fight fentanyl illicit, interrupt the traffic of weapons and manage human migration on both sides of the border.

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