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Justice for Abby: the woman reports that she has recently been attacked by her victim

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A woman, originally from Colombia, reported – via a social message – to exparejaa quien acusa por presumably haber asesinado to one perrita that both shared. Based on the publicity, the boy was trying to get back with his knowledge of her, but before the negative of her, he opted to rap to Abby (the mascot of the two) and asesinarla.

According to the complaint, those who occurred in the city of Pasto, in Colombia. The woman, who made sure to call her Diana, knew that the violent event occurred on the 13th of December. Apparently, the attacker, identified as Francisco VB, arrived at the victim’s home and arrested coups Against loss, one would find herself alone in life.

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The attacker is presumably a forensic doctor. Photo: special.

What happened to Abby, the coup-addicted perrita?

The victim received severe blows to her head and body, which also resulted in cranioencephalic trauma. Because Francisco took the pet to the vet, the specialists couldn’t do anything to save her life and she was declared dead. Diana went to the veterinary clinic and, following her testimony, she compared the aggressorwho came back violent against her and treated her on repeated occasions.

Now, Diana decided break the silence and count what happened with you perrita you who fear for your integrity. “It is crucial to note that the actions of this individual reveal his clear intention to affect not only the life of my loss but also my emotional integrity. The physical violence and verbal aggression perpetrated not only appeared as white to my loss Abby until they were directed directly so that I could feel emotional. As a result of this traumatic incident, I am currently in a state of depression and post-traumatic stress, dealing with the emotional consequences resulting from the brutality and intimidation caused by this issue”, as read in the press release.

Diana shared the complaint in social circles. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Internet users find justice for Abby

In social circles the case of the abused person has also gained popularity and dozens of internet users have joined the duel of Abby para pedir justice in his name and that violent men do not get impunity. The photographs of the mascot circulate in different social platforms and have been linked to distinct parts of the world.

No matter, wait now, if you don’t know how Abby was due, you’ll report it to your attacker perrita. It is hoped that in the next few days the authorities will provide more information about them.

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