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Julieta del Río: “I dedicate myself to the INAI”

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Recently, Norma Julieta del Ríowho is commissioned by the Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Access to Information and Data Protection (INAI), was reported before the Internal Control Body (OIC) due to alleged inconsistencies in your declaration of benefits. The complaint was anonymous and indicated that the property reported by the official was not consistent with her input as a public servant, according to a public communication medium.

This morning, Del Río platicó with Mario Maldonado in interview for Heraldo Televisión, where he talked about the allegations inconsistencies in the declaration of assets, which are completely denied, you can be sure to stay in them rule with the mix.

“I have 33 years of public service, since 1991 I have held all the asset declarations (…) If I decide to manage 2 companies, I am a doctor in administration, but I do not manage a single company, I dedicate myself to the INAI, no time. The donation is false”, he declared in the brief interview.

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From the FIL of Guadalajara, Julieta del Río highlights the work of the INAI with the “Pabellón de la transparencia”

Julieta Del Río: “In light of the controversies, the INAI remains strong”

They informed the board of directors of 2 companies. Photo: Cuartoscuro

“My declaration is open, it is consistent with what I believe. I have been a secretary for many years now. I am an honest woman, what I believe is best for my career in working for the public service “, he added.

With respect to the reports of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who had a “disorientation” regarding the background of the matches held by the INAI, the committee ensured that from now on there is a lot of movement that comes to the attention of Blanca Ibarra. I mentioned that the president receives anonymous complaints from those who have been there for a long time, so God welcome you to an audience at the Institution.

“We are the house of transparency (…) it is not worth it if it is a misinformation that affects the institution, and if there is someone inside this building with a lot of staff who has practical practices of this nature, he must be punished”, I say.


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