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Juez revokes the appointment of Luis Enrique Orozco as interim governor

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A trial by Amparo in expediente 3656/2023-VI, in the City of Mexico again revoked the nomination of the Interim Governor who appointed the Congress in the person of vicefiscal Luis Enrique Orozco Suárez.

The prior designation of the Congress, José Arturo Salinas Garzapresident of Superior Court of Justicea name that was revoked by electoral authorities, to be prevented.

Samuel García could not return to high school in New León until the controversy over the interim governor was resolved

Samuel García categorizes the nomination of the interim governor of New León as illegal

Ante the failure of the consensus of the Congress of the State, the decision signaled that Javier Navarro should apply as the dispatcher
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Congress must respect the guidelines, advierten

The word of Amparo has been reported as based on the sentence of Electoral Tribunalthe Congress must respect the platform with the que Samuel Garcia He brought the vencedor to the urns, that is, through the party Citizen Movement and be consistent with the popular decision expressed by the vote.

In consequence, before the failure of consensus of the State Congressthe story indicated that the Secretary General of Government, Javier Navarro, must be asked to take charge of the office, so that the Constitution of the State and the Organic Law may arrange it.

In the same way, protection was ordered to Javier Navarro and he would avoid the toma of the factories of the Executive Power.

In the resolution it is stated that the “accuracy or conformity among some of the people who belong to a community must be understood by consensus, that is, a unanimous decision and not by majority.” A situation that the Congress did not observe, having only been designated with 25 votes, because the democratic system and the popular decision of the electorate of the country were not respected New Leon.

It is important to point out that the previous resolution is clear to pointing out that Javier Navarro You must ask yourself as Chief Deputy until you reassum the functions of the Constitutional Governor or if you designate yourself as Interim Governor, in accordance with the lines indicated in the Superior Room and the resolution of the Juez de Amparo.

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