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Joven ends with the dedos de la hand amputados por explotar pyrotecnia en Navidad

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Pyrotechnics were a major victim during the December holidays. The epicenter of this tragedy was El Salvadorat which point a young man destroyed the dedos to manipulate a boy called a death in the colony San Anthony of the Apopa community.

They happened during the holidays Navidad, when the victim was encountered by detonating artificial toys to amuse the night, in kilometer 11 of the Troncal Norte highway. In the middle of the place, her two legs were found to be amputated due to the injuries.

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Woman suffering from amputation of arms and bones as a fish infected with a deadly bacteria

The victim was attended to by specialized personnel. PHOTO: ComandosdeSalvamento

This happened in this community of El Salvador

The injury was so serious that they had to amputate the legs

Rescue commands at the moment, some local mediums ensured that the parts of the hand of the man who would be amputated for these times, in videos you can see the moments before this.

After taking care of the images, the tips of the extremes returned to a very intense color and were therefore severely affected by the accident.

The young man lost his hand due to this accident. PHOTO: ComandosdeSalvamento

Jesus alone is a greater victim in Navidad

Born with the Rescue Command of El Salvador, the young man, called Jesús Alvarado, was 29 years old and was transferred to a clinic to receive medical attention. It was she who carried out the operation to clear the dedos that ended up useless.

Following the elements that carried out the first tasks to help the victim, during the night there were 17 more people who suffered some type of injury or accident.

What does the government do to avoid these accidents?

The government of Nayib Bukele maintains an open campaign against different pyrotechnic games, those who are included in the black list are the ones who can cause damage to the population due to their intensity or the noise that can be generated.

During the holidays they take different actions to decomise and avoid the wind of these products; without embargo, in some domiciles of the country they are sold illegally and clandestinely. Only in 2022 is the calculation that 250 million units of illegal gangs will be sold in the country without any type of regulation.


Those who hold greater power at number 5: these can cause amputations like the one who was the victim of the youth of this news. Likewise, you can affect the audition by being strong.


These are very similar to the china machines used in Mexico. They are guys who, when thrown to the ground with force, cause a light stall. The main thing I think is that the fricción that can be placed inside the bags can be installed.

Mezcal bomb

It is a type of dust discharge that generates an expansive wave similar to those of deaths, which happens to many people.

Triángulo de la muerte / palomas

It is a form in which Venezuelans call what in Mexico is known as “palomas”, they are triangles of paper that contain dust and a mecha. If intended, a light explosion can be generated, although a bad calculation in the container can lead to amputations, fires or quenching of the victims.

Silbadores / chifladores

They are all the guys who plan on becoming a chimpanzee star. Faults in its handling can cause fires when colliding with flammable objects.

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