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José Daniel was interned in a neighborhood and 24 hours later his family found out that he was abandoned

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Only 24 hours have passed when the family Jose Daniel received the news about the youth’s health status. Inside an annex in it municipality of Silao, In Guanajuato, the 26-year-old victim was found in life where he was brought in by his relatives to rehabilitate from drug use.

The 911 service received an alert about a person living in the building located in the central area de la calle Cuauhtémoc, en la Anáhuac colony. Paramedics and uniforms entered the site to locate the body of the man in the bathroom area, where he was removed by experts.

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Based on the information from the AM periodical, minutes after joining his family, José Daniel took part in a row with internal people to try to escape. Entre los coups and tensionhe transcended that one of the suitors took a weapon and assed him.

FGE is investigating the case and holding those responsible
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Next door staff notified the family and did not have any children

Staff of the enclosure, de nombre “The voice of good will”, he communicated with his family to let them know that he was sick. However, once the police elements entered the site it was empty, only the body of the victim was left.

They watched these games, while José Daniel tried to find the next one. The paramedics informed the family that he had body injuries and injuries from a firearm. Last night, December 20th, was when they arrived at José tries to recover.

FGE investigates murder and carries out necropsia de ley

Elements of the dish arrived at the inmueble General State Tax (FGE) To agree on the area and carry out the first investigative investigations, it is also necessary to transfer the victim’s body to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO), where the victim’s necropsy was carried out.

The state of Guanajuato turned into a scenario of the terrible violence that exists in Mexico, where a stay in Salvatierra ended in a mascacre where served 11 people. The first reports indicated that an armed command broke into the enclosure and began to storm the meeting.

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