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Join the Whatsapp link and could be fraudulent to steal money

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I’m very sure you’re about to get one credit rate and the institution that offers it to you will place very few requirements on you, because it could be a case of fraud. Thus the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users alerted him (CONDUSEF), who asks us and our users to think twice about their financial decisions. But what are the warning signs? We count you.

Only before do not forget that CONDUSEF It is an organization that is responsible for the protection and defense of the rights and interests of people at the time of using any financial institution. In this sense, if you are forced to have some doubts on your desks or well, if you are the victim of something, you can ask for advice.

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What are the alert signals when you are offered credit?

If you are careful when applying for a loan, you will have a few requirements. Credit: X/CONDUSEF.

By following the warning that I issued CONDUSE across social networks, there are certain signs of alert for part of the financial institutions at the moment we offer you a credit or loan fee. The following are the following:

  • Few requirements when requesting the tarjeta
  • The process to obtain the tarjeta is very easy
  • We will send you messages with extra links

What recommendations should you follow to avoid fraud?

One of the key recommendations is not to share your confidential information. Credits: Pexels/archive.

Always remain alert to the red flags that banking institutions offer when they offer you any tarjeta or service, it is important that you also protect yourself givens. This, above all, tells us that in actuality various types of our transactions are carried out via digital platforms. We share some important tips:

  • Please do not install the applications where you have unrecognized cargo
  • No confidential information such as your PIN or bank account
  • Remember that the counters will never ask you for your contacts by telephone

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