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Joe Biden clashes with Israel over conflict in Gaza, faster government change

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The president of United States, Joe Biden, I heard this Tuesday that Israel is losing apoyo for them bombardments of the Gaza Strip who have passed away for more than 18 million deaths, because of the opinion that Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, should change the government of the coalition, from which he holds the left as a partner, so as not to seek the solution of the two states to the conflict in the East Next.

“This government is the most conservative of Israel’s history” and, unlike Washington, “we don’t want a solution for two states,” Biden said in one campaign act.

The previous one deals with the harshest declarations that have made Joe Biden over two months of conflict between Israel and Palestine. Please note that the North American government was the only member of the Security Council who voted last week against a resolution that called for high fire in the Gaza war, a measure that did not rise quickly due to the power of veto that he holds EEUU in the organization.

Therefore the EU is not in favor of a high altitude

It is not a falsehood when tenths of a time since the beginning, the Biden administration has shown its unquestionable support to Israel to eliminate the paramilitary group Hamaswhich is why it is opposed to a high level of fire because it considers that it would be approved by the Palestinian group to rearrange and attach to the Judío state.

Biden also opposes Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip amidst the war and concerns that the Palestinian National Authority, which currently runs parts of the occupied West Bank, also assumes governance of the enclave.

Netanyahu himself recognized this Tuesday that he has differences with his main ally regarding the future of France once the conflict has ended.

This is what the EU proposes before the conflict

The state government wants it National Authority of Palestine (ANP) govern Gaza amidst the war, to what the first Israeli minister opposes: “Gaza will not be jamás ni Hamás-stan ni Fatah-stan”, made Israel’s ban clear in the middle of the war and the deaths of innocent women and children .

On the other hand, the Security Council, Jake Sullivan, mentioned in a forum organized by The Wall Street Journal, that future reunions with Israeli authorities will address dangerous issues and how long the conflict can last

With information from AFP

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