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Jimena was abandoned by her family to give light to Ixtapaluca who wanted to make him commit suicide

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The medicine of this November 13th General Tax of Justice of the Mexican State (FGJ) said preventive prisión contra Braulio Jorge “N”, Manuel Yovani “N” and Jesús Ángel “N”, all accused of the feminicide of Jimena Sarahí, a 14 year old girl from the municipality of Ixtapaluca. Los implicados, de acuerdo con la dependencia mexiquense, tenían paresco con la victimthey are his sons and his abuela’s counterpart.

This Tuesday, at 08:30 am, the first hearing of the case was held in which a judge confirmed that the detention of the three subjects was legal, according to the words prison preventative, also the duplication of the term was otorgó, it is decided, 144 hours so that so much the Tax Mexicans like the defense present the necessary precautions to give a truth to the investigation.

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The feminicides in Juárez are not paran: the 5 deaths that expose the violence that have lived since 30 years ago

The deaths of Edomex

According to local media information, Jimena Sarahí was below her cargo, whichwhere the studios toasted and cost their gastos. It was 4 years ago that the mother of the younger girl was upset with her and they didn’t want to know about her until the month of November, when she was reported to be sick.

It wasn’t suicide, it was feminicide, he claims about Abuelo

The investigations of Mexican authorities who have led to the light that Jimena was abducted in a domicile of the Jiménez Cantú colony, where he coexisted with his parents and his abuela’s companions. Jesus Angel is 23 years old he was accused of sexually assaulting the teenager.

To weigh the family Jimena ensured that she had attempted against her life, the same act of defunction revealed that the cause of death was a medular laceration and the rupture of the trachea, including the body presented blows and cracks that caused the loss of the skin.

It was also reported that the girl was suffering from abuse for part of his 20 years mayor. She was only 13 years old when she was born in light, the product of the violence she was the victim of. The child is now under the custody of the adult, identified as Jimena’s baby.

The 5 states with the most feminicides in Mexico

During summer 2023 572 feminicides have been registered, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), which accounts for money in August. According to the official figures, in this year the five states that most femicides they reported son State of Mexico, Veracruz, City of Mexico and Oaxaca, Another five entities also recorded a high number of these crimes.

  • State of Mexico, 64 femicides
  • New León, 50 femicides
  • Veracruz, 38 feminicides
  • Mexico City, 37 feminicides
  • Oaxaca, 33 feminicides
  • Morelos, 32 feminicides
  • Chihuahua, 30 femicides
  • Chiapas, 24 feminicides
  • Jalisco, 24 feminicides
  • Puebla, 21 feminicides.

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