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Jesús Pedro “N” sentenced to trial to attack a victim, could face several years of imprisonment

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The General Fiscalía de Justice del Estado de México (FGJEM) must know what Jesus Pedro “N” He was brought to trial for his probable intervention in the crime abused animalprior to your detention, you have used a car for atropellar to a perished who inevitably lost his life.

According to the press release, these events occurred on the 17th of October 2023, when the subject in question was a vehicle used for the collection of base in the entity. Lamentably, a but I lost my life when the car passed her on top.

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They were next to the street Amado Nervoof the colony Dario MartínezSección II, in the municipality of Valle de Chalcoplease lower the car to pack it, and then tell the authorities that the wrapped product was removed by night Duqueand it is the mascot of one of them.

At that moment, the subject took away the body of the perishedthen I echoed him on the other side of his truck and finally huyo of the place before the astonished sight of the citizens. Thank you for video surveillance cameras and you can identify them as the images have gone viral in different communities on the internet.

What is the penalty for punishing someone accused of animal abuse in the Mexican state?

Immediately, the authorities opened an investigation into the crime of abused animalI only took him to the place where the substance supposedly was. Finally it was possible to place it low arrestand they presented it before the Judicial Authority in the country Centro Penitenciario y de Reinserción Social de Chalco.

The alleged perpetrator was brought to trial. Credit: FGJEM

Without embargo, the matter will remain free while the judicial proceedings are brought to an end, since the precautionary measure of periodic presentation to the CentroEstatal de Medidas Cautelares (CEMECA), as well as the null investigation of the complainant, witnesses and place of those.

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The subject faces a penalty of 6 to 12 years of prison y de 50 to 150 days of fine who causes malicious injuries with the purpose or not of causing the death of an animal. This is stipulated by oneself Penal Code of the Mexican State in the third chapter, second title, article 235 Bis.

The Tax Office agrees that you must be considered innocent as long as a condemnatory sentence is issued against you. In the event of recognizing him as the alleged perpetrator of another crime, you can make the corresponding reports to the telephone number 800 7028770, or in the mail [email protected].

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