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Jeffrey Epstein: this is Little St. James, the sumptuous island destined for the tycoon’s abuses

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Lejos of the great metropolis and of the player environment of Miami, Jeffrey Epstein, the millionaire tycoon Accused of pedophilia and sexual abuse, located while alive in a prison cell in 2019, among the most prized individuals there was a private place where the greatest abuses took place: Little St. James Island.

Apodada como la “Island of Pedophilia”, I say a paradisiac place is part of the names Islas Vírgenes de los United States, search of Puerto Rico, and with a figure of 300 hectáreas. It was bought in 1998 by the dealer for a sum of 8 million dollars.

Epstein was not limited to a fortune of 600 million dollars and the options for getting to that island were different. From a boat ferry of 200 passengersuntil a private aviation known as “Lolita Express”, In both vehicles celebrities, politicians and filmmakers accompanied the tycoon.

Panoramic view of Epstein Island
Photo: Twitter / UH_News

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The Mysteries of the Epstein Island

In the center of the island there is a main building built by Edward Tuttle, a recognized architect of the 1990s. However, there is also a structure that leaves doubts and suspicions behind. We refer to you a temple which had been built between 2009 and 2013, a temple that is unknown for its reasons.

Some versions point to what the said structure is the same synagogue, a religious enclosure, since Epstein was a Jew, without embargo, I can’t confirm the theory. One aspect that calls attention is the castle style with a bar that appears to block the entrance, as people say where to go quedaran encerradas.

The Temple of the Island of Jeffrey Epstein. Photo: Twitter / @exjon

The “island of pedophilia and abuse”

Virginia Giuffre, one of the women who reported to Epstein, revealed that I said where she was known as “the island of the orgy”, that literally was only used for that. He tells his testimonies about him who was bound to destiny little girls between 12 and 13 years old, all were registered in one basic type of data.

It is also mentioned that the workers of the fence must sign clauses not to reveal what they are about to enter the site and must keep as clear as possible from the villas from which the visitors arrive. In 2023, it was sold for 60 million dollars to a inverter group. Ahí if you plan to build one resort de lujo.

Location of Jeffrey Epstein Island
Photo: Google Maps

How is Epstein’s island inside?

The collection connects with the Virgin Islands and in 2016 also bought Great St. James, a small island just off the main coast. The magnate’s mansion was integrated into the main residence, four houses for husbands, helipad, three private beaches, swimming pools, gymnasium and cinema halls.

This is how the villas of Jeffrey Epstein’s island were
Photo: AP

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