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Jeffrey Epstein List: Did Michael Jackson and Stephen Hawking participate in the tycoon’s reunions?

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One day ago, a federal jury in New York ordered the publication of a list in which approximately 187 names or pseudonyms of famous people associated with the entrepreneur appeared Jeffrey Epstein who was convicted of child trafficking, among the personalities that stand out in this document are: the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrés, the physicist Stephen Hawking and the singer Michael Jackson.

However, not all the people involved in this list are guilty of the crimes that were attributed to the European businessman, according to the British cadena BBCthe documents include declarations of Johanna Sjoberg, who at one time was recruited by Epstein to offer a massage service in 2001, but in her declaration she accused Prince Andrés of doing her an undue crime.

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On August 10, 2019, Epstein appeared dead in New York Metropolitan Prison. PHOTO: AFP

What do the documents say about Michael Jackson’s participation in these reunions?

According to Sjoberg’s statement, he had met famous people when he was in Epstein’s house, the testimony confirmed that he met the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson, in a house where the tycoon lived in Palm Beach , Florida.

Some media people have published in social circles the denunciation of this testimony, where the woman explained that she had never happened to Michael Jackson and subsequently accused him of some crime.

In 2005, Jackson was found guilty of sexually abusing a minor in 1993, the crime for which he was investigated and the case was resolved in the courts in favor of the musical icon, before these questions the singer was still playing for the next day died on June 25, 2009.

Scientist Stephen Hawking visited the private island of the American tycoon in 2006. PHOTO: X@KristiTalmadge

Did Stephen Hawking attend the Jeffrey Epstein reunions?

Another name that rose to light in this controversial list of American tycoonThis is the story of the failed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, both of whom were seen in a photo in 2006 when the scientist visited Epstein on his private island.

A 2015 request from Virginia Giuffre, alleged victim of the crime when she was 17 years old under the magnate’s exnovia, Ghislaine Maxwell, signaled that the United States sent an electronic mail to her peers where she could deny the accusations made against Stephen Hawking to participate in an orgy of younger adults.

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